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Monday, July 19, 2010

Beating the Heat!

HELLO SWEET FRIENDS!  Another hot day here in Garden City, SC.  My computer tells me it is 91 in my area but my shed thermometer says 98 in the shade and it feels like the latter!  So I stay inside looking out my den window at all of life in the back yard and lake.  The Myrtle Crepe are in full bloom everywhere now and I love the bright pinks of their large clustered blossams!

Our neighbors trees are trimmed very neat but ours are doing their own thing- ha!

 And reaching for the sky!

I am loving their hearty clusters of crepey beautiful blooms.
And our Resident Frog is fun to watch as he surveys his little kingdom from the lily pond.  He is quite large and I have never seen one like this before.  I have tried sketching him as he is so much fun to see, almost cartoonish.

And this is as close as Hubby could get in his excitement when seeing this great Wood Stork visiting our little lake.  We were all so excited!  He was so big and his shadow on the ground while he was flying overhead, was a sight to see!
   And while this picture was shooting against the sun and in shadow, at least the immenseness of this bird was captured as he fed along the shore.  How blessed we are to see him!

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welcome to my world of poetry said...

Wonderful Kerrie, the photo's are really wonderful.


Donna said...

The wood stork is amazing! How wonderful to see this in your own back yard by the lake. I love the crepe myrtle too. They are lovely this time of year.

Have a good week, Kerrie!

GardenofDaisies said...

The pink crepe Myrtle is gorgeous!!! Helps to make up for the heat and humidity you are having to live through. Great shot of the frog and the stork too!!