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Saturday, September 26, 2009


Please note the footnote follow up for Sunday, Thank you!
WE LOVE OUR BACKYARD ZOO and this morning while drinking my coffee and watching out of the window, I kept seeing movement in a small pile of leaves.  I thought perhaps it was a door mouse or mole making them pop up in the air.  I looked through the binoculars and at first thought I was seeing a large mouse.  But then I saw a little bold head move and realized it was a baby squirrel.  So Bill and I went out to investigate and sure enough it was the dearest little baby squirrel.  Bill did not want me to pick him up or anything so we waited to see if a mother from the high nest above would come to retrieve the fallen baby.  But no, two squirrels were whipping around the yard burying and un-burying food stuffs in the yard.  They completely ignored the baby paying him no mind what so ever.  I could'nt stand it!  So I went out again and the poor little guy was curled up with ants running all over him.  So I took him into the house and and gave him a little nest of tissue and felt wrapping.  He took watered down milk from a swab and is happily sleeping LIKE A BABY!!  It is legal to keep a wild squirrel but only for 6 months and then you have to let him go.  And the pet stores actually sell squirrel formula for babies.  This poor little creature may not make it to Sunday, but at least he will know he was rescued by Grandma Kerrie and she did her best.  If he were not so small and helpless, I would not have tried to intervene as he might have bitten me and wild animals are always dangerous.  I do not recommend trying to care for any small baby creature unless you have knowledge of how to care for them and the legalities involved.  But I know all you Mama bloggers will be happy that I rescued this little guy, even for a day and are saying, "Awwww!"

As long as I can feel his little heart beat and see his tiny lungs moving air, I will hold him.  I have been blessed to be a blessing to others.  God didn't say specifically who the "others" are - ha!
☼Sunday update on baby:  I bought Pedialyte and have fed the squirrel through the night with a syringe and the liquid.  He or she put their little paws right around the syringe this morning and drank.  Pictures to come.  For information on rescuing and raising orphaned squirrels, go to  Just click the link.


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Kerrie, I would have done the exact same thing!!! I couldn't just let that little thing just lay there!!! Please keep us updated on the little baby's're a sweetheart, xxoo, Dawn

Heidi said...

Oh my goodness, this little baby squirell is adorable. What a wonderful thing you have done to bring him in and try to save him. I will pray that all your wonderful doings do not go unoticed with the Lord. I pray this little guy will make it past Sunday, but what a wonderful thing you did for him.

Blessings to you and yours,

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Hello Sweet Pea!
What in the world am I going to do with you? You adopt daughters, you adopt pets, and now you are adopting squirrels. God Bless your little heart. I am so awed at you and your patience. You have the patience of Job to be able to sit and syringe feed a little squirrel. Darlin, oh darlin. I just knew you were special, but honey I had not idea.

I had my yard sale this weekend. Have been so busy trying to get through it, and start getting things ready for my trip to Oklahoma. I have decided to pull out of here at 3 am Wednesday morning which will be 6am your time. Be praying for us. We are on a mission to get home in time to hold my Amy Girl and my sis. It is so time to go home.

I pray Bill is okay. Tell him hello for me, and I was asking about him. The two of you take care of each other. I pray for you and think of you each day.

All my love and hugs, Sherry