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Monday, September 21, 2009


   It is I, Kerrie - ha!  Bill caught me one Saturday when I was still in my night gown and I was bending down to talk to him through the screen.  Before I could blink, it was snap, snap and here I am - ha!  My cousin Jean lives a few blocks away and always comes in and out through the back door.  She says if you come in one and go out the other, you will cause the occupant to have more company.  That is funny.  But I love it when company comes this way as they feel comfortable and we spend a lot of our days in the den there.  My computer is set up in the den so I can watch the birds out of the window and also see Bill if he is working in the yard.  I can pound on the window to shoe the geese away and keep the neighborhood in order!  Right now the  Blue Bird babies from early spring are hanging around and trying to keep any new nests from being built in the Blue Bird House.  It seems that the Carolina Wrens have put so much nesting material in the house that their grass, twigs, etc. can be seen in the opening.  The baby Blue Birds had a fit and were dive bombing them.  The Cardinal had to get into the act and was sitting near and keeping a beady eye on the little Wren who is peeking around the tree.  Such goings on!  It is too late in the season for a new brood so I am wondering why the Carolina Wren has gone to all this trouble. 


Heidi said...

Hi Kerrie, I love your blog, and your birds are gorgeous, the pictures turned out great. Thanks for stopping over today, I will have to check back with you later today if not tomorrow to follow you, for some reason my follower button isn't showing up with my computer. I would love to follow you.

Blessings to you and yours,

Terry said...

Thank you so much for dropping by my neck of the woods and becoming a follower.
I was so thrilled and deeply touched to see your name.
What a great post you have shared.
Those are sure busy little birds fluttering around your place.
Thank you for sharing all the fabulous photos.
Have an awesome rest of the week filled with great joy.
Happy Trails

Heidi said...

Hi there I finally got the follower button to show up on my computer. I am following you yeah. Have a great day.