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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wishing Wednesday

GOOD MORNING!  My wish for Wednesday is for a miracle!  A miracle for Amy, Debbie's daughter ( ) Please visit the new post at this site and say a prayer.

We are getting ready to go on our weekend camping trip Starting Friday!  We are anxious to get away and relax for a couple of days following our Craft Show on Saturday.  But I never can have idle hands and will be bringing my Bible, my crocheting and my laptop-ha!  That probably does not sound like relaxing camping to you but it really is-ha!  During the day we walk, check out every plant, bird and creature that we can and are forever hunting with our camera for a new wonderful shot.  We enjoy the quiet without the sound of traffic and crowds and instead delight in the song birds and lap of the water at the edge of the lake.  Evenings are campfires with warmth and memories of other times and maybe a song or two if I remember to bring my guitar.  Don't worry, I will sing softly-ha!  The two grandchildren that live here and their parents will also be camping and their Mother, my daughter, is bringing a new soup pot so I am looking forward to the aroma of that.  I will find them by just following my nose.  Bill has not felt well since Sunday and is very fatigued but is looking forward to this little trip.  Isabella, the ragdoll does not know what she has in store but I am sure she will turn out to be a great little camper!

No Isabella, you cannot bring the remote!
Captain and Girlie will also be joining in the camping trip.  These are my daughter's babies!


Fairy Footprints said...

Oh how funny, Isabella wants to bring the remote. Check for little fairy creatures while you are camping. Have fun, sounds like a blast.


Leann said...

Hi Kerrie

It sounds as if you are going to have a wonderful time. Enjoy the soup!


Doris Sturm said...

Hello Kerri,

So nice to meet you! Too bad we didn't know each other sooner, you could have entered your pets in my Pet Costume Contest - oh, well...lucky them, right?

I hope you'll enjoy your camping trip. I assume you're taking an RV? That's the only way a cat would be comfortable...I doubt she does the "tent"...ha, what a pretty cat. I love Ragdolls. Be safe!

Bless you!