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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sunny Saturday

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FALL MORNING!!  The swans were already out to greet me on the lake in back of the house and I was there in my nightgown to snap their pictures!  Please go to the TWO HAPPY site with the link above to see them.  Only one week and we have to be ready for the craft show!  We are painting wood pieces and I am sewing like mad!  Can't wait to go as it has been 2 yrs. since we had a display due to Bill not feeling up to it last year.  They are adding Friday night for a couple of hours just for residents in our community so that should be fun!  The motorcycle portraits will be a special order of course, and the sample pictures shown are ones I have done in the past.  They are 3-dimensional and will sit on a door ledge with the leg hanging over or on a shelf.  As you can see, I better get going with the painting of the rest of those wood items!  Have a great weekend!

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