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Friday, October 16, 2009

Thanks to all of you Sister Bloggers!

We are all different and we are from far away places from each other but we are joined in our interests, our passionate beliefs, our morals, our loves, our cancers, our crafts and interests, our recipes, and our love for one another despite the distances and differences!  You have made my day when I signed on this morning and had a flood of comments on my various recent posts!  I was so thankful for the friendships, support, prayers and just sharing.  What a blessing you all are to me!  Before I developed my blogger friendships, I was very lonely.  I am homebound with my hubby most of my days.  He cannot walk far due to the Multiple Myeloma which is destroying his spine and bones.  So we cannot do the things we used to do like walking, canoeing, heavy remodel, long car trips, yard work.  We do just what he is able to do and he naps often so that he has the strength and inclination to make his wood items and perhaps visit the craft store or grocery shop.  He only drives when he feels absolutely well as he has syncope (feeling faint) much of the time.  And sometimes he gets a little confused.  But he makes me laugh part of every day, makes me little surprises of wood,  pushes himself to do some yard work, bakes (I am on a cholesterol/heart diet-ha!) and we give each other lots of forehead kisses when we pass by one another.  In otherwords, we are in love and spend everyday just thankful for life.  We are able to camp and Bill enjoys that very much.  Sometimes when we are camping, we forget that he has cancer for a short while!  It has been very theraputic.
You bloggers opened up a world to me and now I am not so lonely.  I enjoy your pets, your sharing illnesses, the visits to your lovely homes and shops, and personal notes that you write.  What more could a girl ask for!  Love you all!!
The craft show starts early eve for the residents in our community and we are packing things for transporting to the clubhouse and putting some last minute pricing.  I will take a picture of our set up when we finish this afternoon.


Utah Grammie said...

Hi Kerrie ! Thanks for stopping by and you will be visited by me (gee, that sounds scary!)and I hope to get to know you better. Did you know you are an angel send by 'You-Konw-Who' to give those forehead kisses? Good to hear you enjoy each others company - I'll be back...there I go sounding all scary.. again :-0

Micki said...

You are a brave lady, and it is wonderful that you blogging has been such a godsend to you.
I look forward to getting to know you.

Beverly said...

Kerrie, we love you, too.

You and Bill are always in my thoughts and prayers.