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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Swans, Owls and Blog Comments...

Bottoms up!
Yesterday the Mute Swan couple came more than once to grace the little lake!  I never cease to be awed by their presence and beauty!  They remember that I used to feed them and will pause and face me if I say, "Hi Babies!"  Swans are very fierce however, and very territorial.  When I fed them, they wanted to set up housekeeping that first year right in our flowerbeds under the den windows!  I am not tall, but none the less, they came up to my chin and were very scary when close.  They will hiss and posture with their wings to intimidate you.  I now only take pictures of them so that they keep themselves in the Lake but I do enjoy that recognition when I greet them. 
Then just at dusk, the Barred Owl came!  He roosted in the Bradford Pear tree for at least 5 minutes and both hubby and I were so excited that we could not take a decent photo without shaking-ha!  Old people shake, yeh, they do!  But the photo is at least able to show the size and majesty of this beautiful creature.  Nature is so wonderful and all of God's creatures awesome in their own ways.
Do you realize how much fun it is to wake to your overnight comments??  They are like my little bonus each morning to see who has visited the blogs and read what they have to say.  Thank you all for visiting and for these wonderful comments!  Tis fun, tis fun! ♥ Kerrie
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Donna said...

What a beautiful owl. And isn't it wonderful that he comes back to visit and seems to know you. The swans are beautiful too.

I agree with you about blog comments. We make so many friends from blogging. It is fun!

Enjoy your day!

Fairy Footprints said...

Oh my gosh Kerrie that Owl is wonderful. What a site to see.


Micki said...

That's a great pic of an owl...It is hard to capture them.

Beverly said...

Nature gives us the most wonderful gifts, and they are always there for our enjoyment. The swans and owl are awesome.

I hope Bill is feeling better from his tumble.