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Sunday, October 4, 2009

All God's Creatures...

YOU KNOW DEATH is just a part of life and even knowing that, it still hurts no matter how small the creature.  My furry, little squirrel baby succombed much too soon after a week of coddling.  I said that I failed him but my hubby said, no.  That he knew I was his surrogate Mama and I did the best I could for him.  Falling forty feet from a nest must have caused internal damage that I could not see.  He was nursing great from a tiny formula bottle and all his plumbing was working.  Then Thursday and Friday he seemed to be weakened and died in the night.  I did not name him on purpose, because I knew that would really cause sadness if and when I lost him.  But I felt just as badly about "the poor little guy", as I would have if I had named him and raised him to adulthood.  Life's funny.  God gives us babies, animals, loved ones, things, nature and a world of things to love in our lifetime.  But whenever a living being is lost, we feel the sorrow.  That may sound silly to some of you but I really choked up that our little guy was gone.
                                         HOWEVER:  When I was in college nights, back in the 1970's, I took a course on dying and death.  It was a part of my psycology courses.  We learned how important it is for patients to talk about their impending death, that it is just the opposite of what one might think, that they actually feel better and less burdened to be able to talk about it than to pretend that it will not happen.  Some people feel the need to get it all settled in their minds and cannot peacefully let go until their hearts and minds are taking comfort in the promise of God, Heaven and a hereafter.  If you have a loved one who has a terminal illness, I do, let them talk to you about their feelings on death and dying.  You may be the only one that can assure them that God is there, that he is waiting and nothing more can happen to them.  They already have been through all the pain and suffering.  Everyone lives on in the hearts of those that love them.  You remember every birthday, every Anniversary and special day that you have spent with them.  You remember their touch, their smile, their being.  Faith can be the saving Grace when facing a loss.  God will get you through it, He will get the suffering one through it and will bring them home until you meet again.
  I do not intend to be gloomy.  I just feel that we can grieve in our own ways, even over the tiniest of God's creatures like my little squirrel baby.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to help him and he died within a loving home, where a Grandmother like me loved caring for him.
And I know he watches me!♫


Shelley in SC said...

Hi, Kerrie ~ ~ Thanks for visiting my blog. My grandfather had multiple myeloma in his spine also, and I never got to meet him. So, I felt a connection with you when reading your bio.

Donna said...

Hi Kerrie,
I'm sorry about your little squirrel. I feel the same way when a bird dies. It's very sad.

My brother is terminally ill and we are dealing with that right now. We've had quite a few deaths this past year in our family. It's very hard, but a comfort to know they are in God's hands.


Patricia said...

I am so sorry about your baby squirrel. Poor little guy. Please feel better and take care - I love you.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Im so sorry to hear about your lil fur baby. I have lost so many furry creatures in the past...still try everytime~