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Monday, January 31, 2011

Red Tailed Hawks

Red Tailed Hawk in my Kitchen? Yes you are seeing right!  Our friend who is a Licensed Raptor Trainer, brought the hawk so hubby could see him.  Of course Hubby is taking the pictures as we did not want to take the chance of his being hurt in any way.  When the immune system is compromised, you learn to be very cautious.  But of course Grandma Kerrie was up for holding the hawk-ha!  He was a juvenile and very well behaved which was a great surprise when we were told he had only been in captivity for a couple of weeks.  (Trainers only capture injured birds or young juveniles that have lost their parents and after caring for them, they are released into the wild again.  They take them out on hunting excursions so they learn to find their own food and they were returning from one of these trips when they stopped to see us.)  Knowing how much we love birds and also my husband had a pet Great Horned Owl when we were dating that he hunted with back in the 1950's. 
    This young hawk in the picture weighed only 2 lbs. and was all feathers.  Birds are very deceiving in stature as their feathers make them look large and ferocious but their bodies are really small, though muscular.
   Here are some of Hubbies pictures of an Egret that was in our little lake at the edge of the yard last week.
He is so beautiful!  I love his head feathers trailing back...

And this is a Mockingbird that I saw on my walk yesterday.  He was most cooperative just sitting there while I snapped several pictures.

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My heart to yours...


welcome to my world of poetry said...

You holding that bird reminded me when I held a large owl when I lived in Spain, I used to be terrified of large birds.
Loved the other pictures.

Take care.

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Oh Kerrie the Hawk is stunning. We have them all over our area and I just love watching them. The other morning around 6AM after parking my car at work there was an owl in the park letting everyone know he/she was there. Being downtown the owl just echoed throughout the streets. It was the most peaceful sound. Thank you for sharing. Love it!

Ginny said...

Yikes, I thought I was seeing things at first!! I thought; that couldn't be Kerrie in her kitchen with a hawk!! What a wonderful surprise!! I must say that I would be a bit scared. But I would do it in a minute. The egret is majestic and great pictures. Though I want nothing to do with mockingbirds after being attacked on the head by one.

Beverly said...

Wow! The hawk is amazing. What a thrilling experience.

And, I have loved mockingbirds since I was a young child.

Leann said...

Oh my I'm impressed - I wouldn't have been in the house with him in there.

He's beautiful, but I'm afraid of birds if they get too close.


Deb said...

we have been seeing a lot of hawks in our area lately...not sure what kind they are because they fly so high we can't get a good look....

Micki said...

That hawk is just beautiful. I wish I could have seen him in person!

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Kerrie,
WOW what a fantastic pic of you holding the hawk. I know you said he was only 2 pounds but that is heavy with a held out arm. He looks gentle, but I know that is probably not the case.
Your Egret and mockingbird are beautiful. How special to live by water to enjoy God's creatures. We have an owl that likes to sit in our backyard tree and hoot. Not sure where he is now that we are freezing with snow and ice! LOL

Have a nice weekend and thank you for stopping by, your kind comment and entry in my giveaway. Good luck sweets.
Hugs, Celestina Marie