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Friday, January 14, 2011


I usually feature the little lake behind our house but with the ice on it, none of the regular visitors have come in a few days.  BUT, I ventured out into the beautiful sunshine today bundled up and armed with my digital camera and visited all the Lakes in the neighborhood.  Here is what I snapped before the batteries died. LOL!

Great White Egret fishing near the bank.

2 Female and 1 Mail Mallard on an island

A beautiful lake near the front of our Community

This little Dock is on one of the largest Lakes and many people put a dock out so that they can sit over the water in the warmer weather.  I would love that but Hubby is not well enough to take on a project like this!  There is something magic about being near water.  My friend, Doris Strum has a beautiful lake that she visits and takes stunning pictures.  Please pop over to see Doris when you can.  She also crochets the most delightful things and has an Etsy shop where she sells them.
There are many little islands in the Lakes in our neighborhood and the Mallards, Egrets and all wading birds find great resting places there.

It was certainly a perfect day for snapping pictures!  I saw the little hooded ducks again that I cannot identify but my camera batteries had died and they quickly swam away from my spying eyes-ha!  They look like a hooded Merganser but their heads are completely black and black and white are the only colors on their bodies.  One day I will get a good picture I am hoping.

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welcome to my world of poetry said...

It's very relaxing looking at your photo's, one can imagine being there,
Thanks for another lovely post.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

It's very relaxing looking at your photo's, one can imagine being there,
Thanks for another lovely post.


Ginny said...

Oh, Kerrie! These pictures are just stunnng! The reflections, the colors! My favorites are the first and third. I think that blue sky was helping a lot with the reflections! Doris and I are blog friends,isn't she sweet? I won her Christmas giveaway!


What beautiful photos!

I like the tall white bird. He looks very serious :-)


Needled Mom said...

The pictures are just gorgeous. That egret looks so stately.

Marydon said...

Sweet Kerrie ~ Your water pics are just gorgeous, love the birds. I know how peaceful your yard is surrounded by this water ... I could sit there forever with you ...

Have a happy PS weekend ~
Hugs & Love ~

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Hi Kerrie. How wonderful that the sun was out. That can be a rarity this time of year. I love the pictures and the ducks. I could watch them for hours. They are so funny.
Hugs, Sue

Claudia said...

Thank you for your beautiful photos, Kerrie. Oh, how I have always wanted to live on a lake. Still hope to someday. Being near the water is calming to me.


Doris Sturm said...

You are right, Kerrie, it is very reassuring and comforting to look at water. Today, when I walked towards the little lake, I could see the water sparkle in the sun and I my lips began to curl upward and I couldn't help but smile at the beauty before me. Gizzy and I have been spending hours outside every day.

You sound like me in that we love and appreciate our surroundings and love to photograph our wildlife. Thanks for mentioning me and I do hope that your husband is having a better day today! He's always in my thoughts and prayers.

Bless you both,
Doris (and Gizzy)