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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowing in SC

Goodness, second year in a row we have had on and off snow flurries in SC! Hmmm! This was yesterday:
Mergansers are back
Here is a pic of this morning:

And the squirrel has completely taken over the oldest birdhouse, remodeled the doorway to accommodate his size and hangs out there all the day. Today he is in there to get out of the snow! It snowed for at least an hour this morning closing our local schools but no accumulation on our South end of the Grand Strand. Now it is pouring rain and I think I preferred the gentle falling of the snow flakes.

Isn't he just precious?  My daughter feeds him peanuts and he eats them with his head outside or takes them to the ground.  I told her he does not want to mess the house up-ha!
So it continues to be a gloomy day and I still cannot download pictures in the new program unless I leave the blog each time and sign back in.  Are any of you having trouble with down loading your photos??  There are a ton of messages on Blog support but Blogspot is not answering them.  And other bloggers suggestions do not work at all.

Bye for now, come again soon, Hugs to all you nature and wildlife lovers!

My heart to yours...


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Loved the story about the squirrel as you know I fed the ones that come into our garden. I just realised there will be no-one to fed them when I fly over to Nashville for the week in Feb.

Loved the pic. thanks for sharing,


Claudia said...

I'm not having any trouble with photos - so sorry you're having them, Kerrie!

I love that cute squirrel and the way he's taken over that house. Good for him. I'm glad he has a place of his own.


Ginny said...

This place is to read what is going on and to report things not working. The oldest come up first, scroll down to find the newest and there are report it buttons to report with. Find what problem you are having in the labels.

pattas said...

Love it. The snow,the birds, but the squirrel isn't he something else..:))

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, it's nice to see you - I thought you were taking a blogging break...I'm still waiting for snow here, but it probably won't happen. Too far down south, I suppose, but it's been cold enough for the ducks and goose to chase me all around the lake and make me give them every last kibble I have...those rascals ;-)

Stay warm and enjoy your silly squirrel. My sis in Germany loves squirrels. They are more of a novelty there and are the red ones, not like here where they can be a pest LOL but I'm crocheting her one to send for Valentine's Day...