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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Continuing SC Winter Days...

Good Morning! The drabness of the winter inspires more poetry here-ha!  It seems I have to share what is in my heart and then I feel better about the gray days that linger.  And the Cardinal still graces the old Bradford Pear branches and a Yellow Throated Vireo is visiting the feeder every day!

I was able to get this shot of the female Cardinal yesterday!
Note the buds on the Bradford Pear Tree branches.  The Bradford Pear tree is a beautiful shade tree that flowers in the Spring looking like a huge bouquet of white blossoms.  It then bears tiny pear fruit no larger than a marble.  The birds love them and have something to sustain them through the winter months. They grow for the most part in a globe like shape and require very little maintenance.  Their leaves turn a brilliant red in the fall and retain their color when brought into the house indefinitely.  I keep one on my kitchen window over the sink.  These trees are very popular and are prevalent in the South.
Here is the beautiful Male.
 Another SC Winter Day...
    ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

A rain is falling softly on the lake this winter morn
  And the trees are bare of their usual adorn
Save the jewel-red of a Cardinal among the branches gray
  Popping a bit of color into this gray winter day.

The garden bed is sleeping with Iris toes underground
  And Shamrock is looking frail
         though the leaves stay green year round.
The Pear tree has furry buds just waiting for the Spring
  Bluebirds checking last year's birdhouses again
And the Robin continues the hope of spring...
                         January 25, 2011

Hubby captured the beauty of the Yellow Throated Vireo in our feeder.

Yellow-Throated Vireo

Cardinal in the Rain January 25, 2011
Thank you for coming to visit today, you know you always brighten my day! Come again soon!

My heart to yours...  


Beverly said...

Kerrie, thank you for sharing. You are so gifted in finding beauty and inspiring us.

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Such gorgeous pictures of the Birds! The snow is really pretty, but I'm sure you guys are getting sooooo ready for spring to happen. We've had cold here in West Texas, but no Snow! I can't believe we've missed it....but winter isn't over yet...some years we have snow in February.

Really enjoyed your prose and photos. Stay Warm and keep snapping those pictures!

Claudia said...

Try as I might, I never seem to have the camera in hand when one of our illusive cardinals appears! Thank you for your pretty photos!


Ginny said...

What a TREAT to see the vireo, I've not seen a real one!! As I was getting to the end of your post, I figured there would not be a picture, but what a surprise! A lovely poem!! Your description makes me want to get a Bradford pear tree. There are no edible pears on it, just the tiny fruit? Nevertheless, I would love the everlasting red leaves and the fruit for the birds, and the blooms. We need a tree for our front yard, since our huge maple had to be taken down a few years ago. But I have been putting off decididng what to get, so many choices.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Kerrie Sweetie...
Your photos are SO beautiful. I love seeing the birds. How happy they are. They appear to be singing away. Your beauty is beyond words.

You asked about my Heidi Girl. She has surgery yesterday. They had to do carpal tunnel surgery, she was dropping things and having so much pain she couldn't use her right hand anymore. When they got in there, they found quite a bit of damage. They are testing her for lupus, as there were mucous signs there. Not good, no it doesn't run in our family, but please keep her in your prayers. They had to cut her writs horizontally as the vertical could not get it all, as it had started up her arm. She is in quite a bit of pain today. Burning and throbbing. She will survive, but it hurts like the dickens today.

Hope you and Bill are doing well. Prayers galore headed right on up for you both. Know that you are SO loved. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Micki said...

I can see that you love nature as much as Joe and I do!