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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mama in the 1930's

This is my Mama holding my brother George, her first born. She told me the story of this type of picture called a Tintype. (History of Photography by Robert Leggat, "The Tintype Process). She said a man with a pony and a camera came along the street door to door and wanted to take a picture of my brother on the pony. Mama said that George was very afraid and cried. So the man made this picture and gave it to my mother. It would seem that George is still looking at the pony with a hesitant expression. I love this picture. My Mom was just a little person, no more than 5 feet tall and as you can see does not weigh but 100 pounds or less! She maintained her youthful look and beautiful smooth skin throughout her life, never wore make up. She was sweet and kind and everyone loved her. She has been gone many years now but left us at the age of 90.

Lord, I bow my head in humble prayer
And marvel that you are always there
To hold my hand when I need a friend
And bless my days from morn till end.
Lord you are so amazing!
All rights reserved
Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

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