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Saturday, August 15, 2009


As I was writings just now, I had visitors in the back yard. These are the young adults from this years Canadian Geese families. Their parents come every year and raise their young. They soon get over populated and every June, our community has a Geese round-up and relocate them. They also do this with the Swans. It is necessary but I hate to see them go. They wait until the babies can fly and then thin out the numbers. You can tell that they are young adults as there is no fighting and they are not territorial. It is great to see and study them up close and personal.

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I'm Julia said...

I love that the same birds (& surely their offspring) return year after year. There's something comforting about the continuity... the circle of life.

Sending healthy, happy thoughts to you & your husband. Hope your weekend is pleasant.