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Saturday, August 15, 2009


Soothing Saturday!
My computer location in the den is much nicer than in the 2nd bedroom closet - ha! I have a view now. So on this quiet Saturday morning I want to share my view with you. From my desk I can look out over the back lawn and see raindrops on the water, our little lily pond and the beautiful wood Egret that Bill cut out for me. Though the weather is dreary, the backyard is always cheery with little cameo's in every corner. There is a fisherman of cement by the base of our Bradford Pear tree, the mold for which was created some 36 years ago by an Artist in our home town. He carved the original from wood and then created the rubber mold. He made more than one mold and gave one to Bill. So the fisherman has been in all the yards that we've occupied from then until now. I love looking out over our little domain that is alive with birds, butterflies, bunnies and sometimes raccoons and red fox. It is like hidden treasure being so close to a tourist city, like a sanctuary in the middle of the busy, noisy highways. You would never guess that all the wildlife is here. Please double click on the photo to enlarge.

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Patricia said...

This is such a beautiful view to work from - I miss living in the south very much, especially during the long winters.