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Friday, August 7, 2009


Hey! I have been having so much fun with Face Book and my family! I am now in tune with the children, friends and grandchildren whenever I want to see what they are doing! Such fun! My eldest granddaughter posted this picture last night that I had not seen before. It was taken of us at her HS graduation last June 2008. She starts her 2nd year of college this fall. Where has all the time gone? Summer is still very hot in SC and humming along. I heard the locusts singing when I went out this morning, an indication of still more hot weather. I have been trying to organize some of my writings so I can post them soon. Meanwhile the photos my hubby takes are great and will be featured whenever I can download them. Last night at sunset, there was this beautiful sky.... God is Good, he colors our lives.

I have always wanted my very own Lily Pond. It is very small but very large in enjoyment! This beautiful blossom is the first this summer. Tell us if you like it. When we cleaned this tiny pond in the Spring, a very large bull frog who was hybernating there jumped out to our surprise!

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Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Kerrie!
Thank you for stopping by my blog this morning. I am always so thrilled to have a new quest. I popped over and realize you are from South Carolina. Honey I was born in Charelston, as my Daddy was military. Born on the Naval Base I was. We lived there, and moved to Enid, Okla. when I was small, both sets of grandparents lived in Oklahoma. When I married almost 34 years ago my husband and I lived in Enid for 10 years of our married lives and moved to Phoenix almost 24 years ago. This is my home now. I have signed up to follow your blog. I have to come back and read more. I would love for you to follow mine as well. I will be posting later this evening. My 33 year old niece Amy is going through a life saving (cancer) surgery tomorrow. She has been very ill for 14 months now. She has cancer in her carotid artery and they will be removing the tumor and the carotid artery tomorrow. It will be an 8-10 hour or longer surgery, very involved. I am standing on my faith in God that he will send angels to surround her. We have been at death's door several times with this cancer (she has had 3 cancer episodes, starting at the age of 10)and when originally diagnosed they gave us 2 months to live. She has survived 14 months, and chemo and radiation for this round, and hopefully they will get it all tomorrow. Please stop by later and add a thought to our prayer list. I am so thrilled to meet another Carolinian. I so love the south. I take it with me every day that I walk and breathe. Country hugs and love, Sherry