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Monday, May 23, 2011

A Visiting Anhinga...

Anhinga:Common in fresh-water, swamps, ponds, and lakes where it spears fish.  Often swims with only head and neck exposed.  Long straight bill, long tail and white wing and back plumes differentiate it from cormorants.  usually seen singly but may soar very high in flocks. 28" long wing span 47".

I never cease to be amazed at the diverse abundance of wildlife in our backyard!  We are blessed with our own wild managerie with everything from Coyote's to Otters!  And everything in between-ha!

Yesterday, we had an Anhinga settle in on the bank to dry his wings.  He had been diving, spearing fish and eating them.  Anhinga do not have oil on their wings as other diving duck and waterfowl have so they must take breaks to dry their enormous wings so they do not get waterlogged.
The Arrival.
The move to the table.
The next move was to the back of the Adirondack chair.
A little preening here and there never hurts while you are drying out and looking at the water.
He appeared sleepy at times and even tucked his head in his wing...

I was amazed at how he curled his webbed feet around the top of the chair to grip and balance.
Spreading his wings to dry! and those amazing gripping feet!

The sun set and still he stayed on--altogether he must have been there for 3 or more hours.  I finally went outside and walked right up to him, what did I have to lose?  I used the flash and he stayed right there until he was ready to leave.  What an adventure!

Master of his world...
Still drying his wings.  I have seen them in groups at dark on the larger lake in our community huddled on the banks for the night.

    He was not the least bothered by my presence, no fear.  I thought when I used the flash he would be gone in a flash-ha!  But no, he posed!
   I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did!  I never know until I download them to the computer if I have a good one or not.  I just snap away and hope!
Thanks for coming, have a wonderful day!

My heart to yours...


Amy said...

fascinating! I did enjoy the pictures as well as your descriptions:)

Beverly said...

Kerrie, this was informative and fascinating. I think you can be our new wildlife reporter.

Doris Sturm said...

I love those birds. You know what people call them here where I live? Snakebirds...because when they swim only their long, skinny neck and head sticks out and it looks like a vertical snake - I love watching them when they dry their wings. We have one that comes every year and for a long time he sat right in the center of the lake (on a rock that must've been just barely submerged in the water) so it looked like he was standing on water, facing the morning sun with his wings stretched out wide - as if he were a sun worshiper...I love seeing all our wildlife and thank God every day for my eyesight!

How's hubby?

Donna said...

Kerrie, I love these photos. What amazing animals visit you! You must have so much fun tracking all your wildlife visitors. I agree with Beverly. You are a great 'wildlife' reporter. :o)


Ginny said...

I am so glad to see you again and love this wonderful find. I am slow catching up and will e-mail you tonight. All my love to you both.