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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Sly Fox

On Saturday, we had a most unwelcome visitor!  A fox!
   First he ran through our back yard by the lake.  Then he went around the lake and lay down on the grass on that side just opposite us.
   He does not look healthy at all with patches of fur gone and his tail was not bushy.  He was quite pitiful looking and scary as you do not know if wild animals are rabid.  And this was quite unusual daylight activity for a fox.  I am sure he was probably looking for the ducks, geese and their babies as he really looked like he was starving!  Our daughter took these pictures with hubby's camera and the telescopic lens.  He watched us on our bank taking pictures-ha! He stayed on the bank for about 20 minutes, sometimes laying his head down as though sleeping and then he got up after awhile and ran off.

   It is sad that progressive construction in our area has taken away the natural habitat of all the wild creatures.  The land our community was built on was wild and a natural nesting place for Egrets, Herons, Canadian Geese, Mallards, Raccoons, Otters and many other creatures.  How they have managed to survive here in a tourist area that is constantly growing is a miracle in itself!

I truly wish that something could be done for them.  One year when we had baby raccoons abandoned by their Mother or she may have been killed, by the corner of our front porch.  They were nestled right down into the stones there.  We tried calling the humane society and they said IF they had a man out in our area they would stop and get them.  They never came.  The next morning, the 2 babies were gone, they had left of their own accord. 

It is a blessing that we get to observe most of this wildlife up close and personal but like the Fox, there are times when I feel very sad for these creatures who are trying to survive in a predominately cement world.  But as always, I am sharing with you all the good, the bad and the ugly of nature.

Have a most wonderful day, do something nice for the wildlife near you!  Hugs and come back soon!  For a spiritual message go to The Shadow of Peter

Moving away...
My wild heart to yours....


Claudia said...

Oh, Kerrie, he doesn't look healthy, does he? I feel for him. I hope he finds something to eat (even though I hate the thought of what he might eat.) It breaks my heart to see him.


Shelia said...

Hi Kerrie. Aw...the poor little thing looks so sick. I hope he doesn't find any little baby animals to nibble on but I do hope he finds something to help him.
Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
You have so many blogs I wasn't sure which one to post on! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

welcome to my world of poetry said...

What a sorry sight Kerrie, I hate to see any animal look undernorished,
We have quite a few foxes in our locality but all look well.
Thanks for sharing.

Ginny said...

Oh, this poor fox is just pitiful looking. He must really be sick. Nevertheless, it is rare to see a blogger get a picture of a fox.

Amy said...

That fox does look sad. We had one in our neighborhood I'd see out and about while on early morning walks, but he looked so different.
Just today I saw a new yellow painted highway line that went right over a dead opossum. The poor creature had the yellow paint right through its middle. It is a hard balance when we take over their areas.

pattas said...

My heart goes out to those poor creatures.
That dear fox looks so sad and hungry. One of Gods creatures :)

Beverly said...

Missing you. I hope your Bill is feeling better.♥