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Sunday, May 1, 2011


WHEN I WAS A CHILD IN THE 1940's, yup, I am older than dirt!!  We used to celebrate with a Maypole and dancing at Seward (elementary) School in Auburn, NY.  As I recall, We dressed up and went back to school in the evening with our parents so they could watch, too and the celebration was outside.  We also wore Sailor's hats and I don't remember the significance of that.  So I wore my little white sailor's cap over my braided hair and remember feeling so excited to be out after supper at school.  We had rehearsed the dancing around the May Pole and we also sang a song, though I do not remember what it was.

I tried researching and looking for photos and graphics for May Day celebrations and came up with nothing but these few graphics and only photos from foreign countries.  Did you celebrate at school with a Maypole??  I miss the 40's and 50's way of life before the age of computers, cell phones and the like.  The pace was slower, kinder.  I have come into the electronic world willingly to "keep up" with family and friends but I can tell you I would not miss it and would adore to find mail in my snail mail box! :))
I learned that the tradition of May Day was from Old
Britain and they celebrated what they saw as the half of the year.  And November first as the New Year.
So despite my ignorance beyond this writing, I still wish you all a very happy May First!!

My heart to yours...


Ginny said...

Happy Mayday, Kerrie! I agree that times were kind and we were all innocent back then, we have progressed to the point of amazement, but at what cost? I'm affraid I would really miss blogging if we went back! And the T.V. remote! And cell phones!

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Happy May Day!

I could do without most of the electronics except, like you I would miss blogging. Blogging is our modern version of Pen Pals.

pattas said...

Happy May Day Kerrie, Oh I love my mobile and comp, I would be lost without them.. and I am no spring chicken LOL...
But like you I do love snail mail :))
Hope you are having a great day :))

Amy said...

I've always enjoyed May Day. I liked leaving a doily with flowers on a neighbor's door, ringing the bell, and running. One friend had a May 1st wedding, and they decorated with colorful ribbons and may poles:)