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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pinks and adventures!

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!!  We had company from back home this week and they brought us the most beautiful plant with pink blossoms!  Just in time for Pink Saturday!
It is called a Sun Parasol  and is a Mandevilla hybrid.  It is a climber so hubby planted it in a larger pot by one of the metal trellis supports on the overhang of the den roof.  We will be able to enjoy it there best!
I love the blossoms, they are so large and beautiful and the leaves are wonderfully green and hearty looking.  It is an annual but the giver said her Mom winters them over in the house!  I shall try that.

   I also have a picture-less adventure to tell you about in our back yard critters!!  My youngest daughter works from home and was typing away when she heard a big fuss outside.  She went out to see what was going on as the 2 Canadian Geese parents were squawking and squawking!  Lo and behold, a huge Alligator Turtle had one of their teen goslings by the leg and was trying to drag him under the water.
   My daughter called her good old Mom when efforts to free the babe with a shovel beating on the back of the armored turtle.  I got the garden rake and while he kept trying to pull the little one under and out deeper in the lake, I kept raking him nearing to shore, leg in his jaws!!  It took me several tries and the frantic parents hissed at first and then must have realized that I was helping and stood back watching.  I finally got the turtle and the gosling up on shore but the turtle even when rolled on his back hung on to that poor baby!  I gave the turtle a couple of sharp whacks on his shell and fi-nal-ly!...he let go!  The parents were so happy and the poor little fella went limping off with them just a peeping away over his trauma.  The skin was not broken on his little leg at least and when the parents knew he was safe, they rounded up the other 2 teens and all went off but on shore, not in the water!! They have not come back to our lake since and I don't blame them!
   I know that some will think I interfered with nature taking its course but I could not let this little creature get drowned.  My mother instinct kicked in and I heard nor saw nothing around me until that little gosling was free!  My daughter later told me that a neighbor 2 houses away clapped when the turtle gave up-ha!  I had just cleaned up and had clean clothes on and in my adventure I splashed mud and water all over my self.  I hosed off before going into the house and then cleaned up and changed all over again.  I know I cannot save every little one but at least this one was happily back with the family!

Don't forget to link to HOW SWEET THE SOUND, our lovely hostess for Pink Saturday that is celebrating its third year!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY PINK SATURDAY Beverly and Everyone!!!

My heart to yours...


Ginny said...

I have just read this out loud to Phil and we both read holding our breaths, what a spellbinding story! If it was a snapping turtle, Phil says they will never let go. What a dandy adventure, good for you! Now to the big pink flowers, you won't believe this! Last summer, we drove by a house with these all over their white trellis, really tall and abundant! They were gorgeous and I had never seen anything like them! It looked like no one was home, so we nervously drove in their driveway and I took a few pictures for a blog post. I never posted it because I didn't know the name of the flowers. And you know the rest. I have just compared, and they are YOURS!!! Let me know if you want me to send you some of the pictures!!

Elsileg said...

Bella flor, yo en Argentina, la tengo pero en ROJO, no sabia que existia en ROSA, Feliz Sabado Rosa!!!!!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Kerrie Sweetie...
Oh my goodness gracious, girl you have me going this morning. I am laughing and laughing. I can just see you, this tiny little gal, raking that darn turtle to shore and then smacking away at him until he let go. I am afraid I would have done what I could as well. Our Mother instincts do kick in and we just cannot help ourselves.

You are something else. Bill knew what he was doing when he married you sweet one, he knew that dynamite comes in small packages. You are one SMALL package of TNT.
That would have been something to have on film. Might have won you all a bundle. Durn it.

Well love your beautiful gift of pink sweet one. How wonderful that friends shared with you and gave you something to remind you of them each time you look out the window. How pretty. Thank you for sharing sweetie.

I think of you each day and remember you all in my prayers. You will always have a special place in my heart. Many hugs and much love sweetie, Sherry

Amy said...

What a brave and entertaining adventure you had! Loved reading it:) And the mandevilla---ooohhh--I now want one. I've admired their climbing but not the color so much. THIS color I adore. Glad to see it.

Anonymous said...

Your pink flowers are gorgeous. The color pink just pops. Beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday and have a wonderful weekend to you.

Marydon said...

Sweet Kerrie, your flowers are just breathtaking. I've not seen these before.
I can just picture them climbing up that support, filling the air with a heavenly scent & bringing a smile to your faces.

Oh, my golly, Miss Kerrie! You are full of power & might ... & a loving heart. Bet that little family is thrilled to still be 5. Knowing you personally, I can literally SEE you out there going after that turtle. Didn't know he had met a tough wee Irish lady that fights to the end. Bravo & thank you, Kerrie.

Hope Bill is coming along ... you know how we love you. Give Barbara our best.

Have a safe & delightful holiday weekend.
Hugs & love, Marydon

Lorraine said...

Love the pic of the bicycle and Mandevillas. So glad you rescued the little gosling...sometimes you just have to step in. It makes me think of those videos on National Geographic channel...and the camera crew just stands by while nature takes it's brutal course and some beefier animal lays into a smaller gentler animal...ok, now I'm remembering the Meerkat Manor show, and the poor teenage girl meerkat got severly roughed up by some animals because she didn't make it into the shelter before nightfall...ok, I'm sooooo rambling...anyway, Happy Pink Saturday!!

Kerrie said...

If anyone knows "Lorraine" who commented above, please tell me where her blogsite is! I brought up her profile and she shares swaps and finds on Fridays but I cannot see the name of her blog anywhere! I would like to check out her blog. She is located in So. Cal. Thanks!

LV said...

Enjoyed your pinks and hearing about your turtle excitement.

Cat & Cricket said...

This is brilliant!
have a fabulous weekend!
Gypsea Nurse

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, dear Kerrie. Thank you for making this a special day.

You are now my hero. You go, Kerrie. I can see you saving that sweet baby.♥♥♥

Your new mandevilla is gorgeous - what a color!