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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gosling Rescue Cartoon

HI THERE!  Since there are no pictures of my turtle/gosling adventure, I have drawn a cartoon of it!  The turtle has been raked ashore and is upside down and yet he holds that poor little gosling's leg in his crushing jaws!  After this, he rolled back on his feet and I gave him a good thump on the back with the rake and he finally released the poor Canadian Goose baby!  I was in my bare feet of course (bad habit) and all that splashing and crashing in the water soaked me with mud and water-ha!  But at least the gosling AND the ugly snapping turtle both survived.  Whew!

Thanks for all your comments!


Ginny said...

Oh, this is priceless, my favorite post of yours EVER!!! Phil and I have been laughing uproariously!! You raking that turtle, he said it is much better than a real picture would have been!! I actually think I will try to enlarge it and print it out to put on the fridge, and the girls would love it. Thanks for this wonderful moment.

Ginny said...

I just printed it out and it is going up on the fridge, we laugh whenever we see it!!! Now I want you to draw cartoons of all your daily happenings. The rake and your bare feet is just a scream, plus the look on your face!

Needled Mom said...

Great cartoon and it is a perfect depiction of the events you described.

Doris Sturm said...

Glad you were there to help, but what about next time? Bad snapping turtle - baaaaad!!!

That's what must've happened to one of our ducks on the lake...she's missing half a foot...poor thing!

Jennifer said...

What a great cartoon, Kerrie! Hilarious! Glad you and the animals are safe. And I agree with Ginny-the cartoon is much better than a photo would have been!