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Monday, May 2, 2011

Early Morn with Isabella the Ragdoll Cat

Isabella, our Ragdoll and I were the first ones up at dawn this morning.  After a little food and water, she jumped up to look at today's world.  She does not know about the Royal Wedding or that Osama Ben Laden has been killed but I think I did hear her meow, "USA! USA!"
  I enjoy the early morning before the trash man starts the noise of the world, and the only sounds are the singing of the birds all around.
Yesterday, we had a crisis with the baby Cardinals!! Our daughter almost stepped on 2 babes that had fallen from the nest.  She told us and my hubby went to the rescue of picking them up with garden gloves on and returning them to their nest. Something must have caused the branch that is quite low to the ground, to shake them from their bed.

Their eyes are not yet open and as you can see, they are just getting definition of their wings.  Hopefully they have no critical injuries as they opened their little mouths when they were approached.  The one that did not fall out of the nest had a wing caught in the nesting material and had to be freed.  Safe once again in their tree branch cradle, the Mother came back and was sitting on them---Happy Ending!

I know that most feel that Nature should not be challenged but we could not just leave these wonderful little creatures to their fate if left on the ground.  We gave them a second chance.

Some children are like that sometimes, they fall from the nest but they are still loved and deserve a second chance.  Words of Wisdom from Grandma Kerrie :*)  I hope you enjoyed our thoughts for the day and we wish you sunshine, peace and a glorious Monday!  No blue Mondays here!  PS: The Cardinal Babies are alive and well this morning!

My heart to yours...


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Wonderful, wonderful, blog, lovely pics.
Have a good day.

Needled Mom said...

I love a happy ending!!! Mornings are my favorite time too.

Ginny said...

A wonderful story!! I posted one quite similar last year, we will rescue the babies, too. I am so glad your daughter caught herself in time!!! They wouldn't have lasted long around here, there are many cats who prowl their daily routes.

Amy said...

Good words of wisdom! What wonderful photos of the rescued birds:)

One pair of Hands said...

I'm so glad you managed to rescue the babies and that their mother accepted them again. These small pleasures add colour to our lives I think.