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Monday, April 19, 2010

Mother's Day Thoughts

Mother's Day...What a wonderful way to show Mom just how we feel about her!!  And to thank her for all the selfless love she gave to us in the past, present and future for as long as she lives.  A Mother's job is never complete.  We mothers worry before you were born, after you were born, and all of the stages from there to aldulthood.  Our love is never ending though we have been stern at times and you did not always agree.  The older you get, the smarter Mom gets and you appreciate her insight and wisdom.  Make sure you let your Mom know just how much you love and appreciate her and don't forget Grandma, she's a Mama, too!
   Here are some verses I have created for you to use if you desire.  Thanks for visiting all of my blogs and leaving your wonderful comments! 
 Oh Mother Dear, the day is here, 
To celebrate your being.
 Lucky me, born to You
And each year I am seeing
 More wisdom in your sparkling eyes
More love in your heart beating.
 Thank you Mom for all you do
And our bond forever keeping.
2.    Mother's Day
Mother, have I told you
 Just how much you mean to me?
Have I thanked you for the midnight talks
 And daytime visits over tea?
Have I told you you're my heroine
 And how much I look up to you?
Well Mother I will tell you now
 You are forever in my heart and 
      I LOVE YOU!
Hi Mom, just a little note
To say how much I love you
And wish you Happy Mother's Day.
Though I celebrate you Every day
And Thank God for giving me 
 a wonderful Mom like you!
I hope I have inspired you to write your own feelings in a verse or feel free to use my writings with your thoughts intertwined with mine. 

This shadow box creation is 3 dimensional and features a Victorian Lady in front of a shop.  Her dress is layered, the bicycle wheel and flowered basket are layored.  The little Mother's Day tag is tucked in to the wheel.  I loved creating this framed gift that any mother would enjoy.
Thank you for visiting and look for this Victorian beauty in my Etsy Shop. Link is in the sidebar.
  Come again soon!


Doris Sturm said...

What a lovely shadow box creation, Kerrie. I enjoyed your poem as well. My mom wants me to crochet her a cap/hat for her bad hair that's what I'm going to send her to Germany this year.

Have a wonderful day!
Doris :-)

maría cecilia said...

Darling Kerrie, you visited my blog back on Feb, then I went for holidays, then the earthquake came, so I`m just visiting you back now that I`m blogging again. It`s has been so lovely to meet you and your wonderful blog, I love how you get inspired by nature and birds, and God`s joy in everything.
Cariños from Chile,
Maria Cecilia