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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Featured Bloggers with Talent!


                                 EACH IN THEIR OWN RIGHT:                       
First, in alphabetical order is: Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage.  She is a fantastic artist.  I so admire her still life paintings but really enjoy most, her wonderful renditions of her dogs, Otis and Riley!  They look as though they were going to leap from the painting right into your lap!  Besides a great artist, Donna is a very warm and loving person. You can tell by the special touches to the decor of her home and garden that love goes into all of her creations.  Her photography is wonderful as she shares Otis and Riley working with her in the garden, flowers, blossoming trees and much more.  Please click on Mourning Dove Cottage to bring you to her blog.  She would love you to visit and you will have a lovely time!

Who wouldn't love these two!!( please note that the painting is copyrighted by Donna)
NEXT is my blogging friend, Kathy at Katney's Kaboodle.  Kathy is a retired librarian now adventurer.  She travels all over and much of the time just in her little Tear Drop Camper with her Hubby.  She captures the most professional photos of a huge variety of subjects.  She never fails to amaze me, sending me into verbal exclamations when I view her latest photos.  Her subject matter is ever evolving!  She is one of the first Blog friends I ever made and she has helped me through the last couple of years whenever I had a blog related problem.  I admire her sense of adventure, her dedication to the Breast Cancer cause and what seems like unending energy!  She will inspire and entertain you with her writings and her photography.  So be sure to visit Kathy by clicking on her link above.   All of her material is copyrighted and cannot be copied.  So I cannot copy to share with you, you will just have to visit-smile.  Thank you.


Donna said...

Thank you, Kerrie, for featuring me today on your blog. That is so sweet of you. You are a very kind lady, and I really appreciate it.

Big hugs,

Donna said...

Thank you, Kerrie, for featuring me today on your blog. How sweet of you, you are so very kind. I appreciate it.

Big hugs,

Lynns Lovelies said...

Hi Kerrie!
Thank you so much for leaving your very sweet and supportive comment this morning. Your words on "The Gown" made me smile and I truly appreciate you.
LOVE this post on these 2 talented ladies..I am off to their blogs!
Have a wonderful Wednesday~

Beadwright said...

It must be a day for posting about friends. Very nice.

SquirrelQueen said...

Lovely post on Donna and Kathy, there are so many wonderful folks here in the blog universe.

You have a great looking blog Kerrie, I read some of your older post while looking for photos of your Ragdoll. She is a beauty. If you look on my sidebar you will see a photo of my sweet Ragdoll Tasha who died just over two years ago. They are the greatest cats in the world.