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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Absolutely not!  But this Blue Jay that was visiting is:

I love the Blue Jay so much and he is really hard to catch in a photo!  He does not light for long.  He is sitting on a broken branch of the Bradford Pear tree in our back yard.  My hubby puts peanuts in the shell out for him and he will swoop down to the Umbrella table, grab one and off he goes!  He holds the peanut with his claws on a branch and breaks the shell with his powerful beak to get the meaty nut inside.  His distinctive call alerts us that he is out there in the yard and by the time we grab a camera, he is usually gone.  I take pictures through the window by my computer desk to catch him and it works pretty well--at least this morning-ha!
   Thank you for the comments regarding the artist bloggers I featured yesterday.  That was so gratifying to show off friends photographic and artistic ability.  I plan to do it again soon.  Beverly at How Sweet the Sound also features and encourages all of us to introduce other blogs each week, it's a great idea.
   Today is treatment day for my hubby so we will be off to the cancer center at noon.  We bring books to read and Bill is such a wonderful patient even after 5 years of this.  His nursing staff loves him and they are like family now.  We have a site at Caring Bridge where we post his progress or lack there of.  It is a free site for anyone who is going through crisis with illness, terminal or temporary and is a great way to keep all of your friends and relatives informed without having to e-mail or call each one.  Please visit the site and donate if you can.  They do this completely free and depend on donations to operate.  A very worthy cause, I truly can attest.  Visit:  to see photos and journal.  I will be posting after our visit to the cancer center today.
    Have a most wonderful Thursday with showers of Spring blessings!


Donna said...

You captured a great picture of the blue jay, Kerrie. Very nice! Thank you again for featuring me. You are so sweet. I wish you well today at the treatment center. Your hubby sounds like a wonderful person. Thoughts and prayers are with you.


katney said...

Your jays in the easter US are different from the ones in our forests in the Pacific Northwest. Ours are Stellar Jays--darker blue, no white belly, and even darker almost bloack crests.

covnitkepr1 said...

One of the best captures of God creation I've seen lately.
Your newest follower.