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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Asking for help from Bloggers

Dear Blog Buddies: twice now I have had someone comment on my blogs and the source is either in Chinese or Japanese so that I cannot put the name of the e-mail in to block it.  In the body is a long line of dots after the comment with underlining.  If I hover the cursor over this dotted line, It shows adult sites, suggestive sexual video's etc.  I have contacted my Internet provider but I need a name to block this site.  Have any of you had the same experience and did you find a solution??  I will be most grateful for any help, THANKS!!


Gloria said...

Hi Kerrie. My friend Georgina:

had the same problem and reported it too. If you go to her site you can read her then post. I would suggest that you not click on anything you are unfamiliar with. I had some sort of comment with dots and dashes but as soon as I seen that I deleted the comment. Did not open the comment or click on it in any way, just deleted it. I hope you don't get any more terrible comments, sorry you did. Please try to have an enjoyable Easter. Go to Georgina's site and leave her a comment about it. She'll tell you what she did. Take care.

Micki said...

Sorry that it happened to you and as it never happened to me, I can't help, but will agree with Gloria...don't open anything from anyone you don't know.

Claudia said...

It has happened to me, too, Kerrie. Lots of japanese or chinese characters and then the word 'sex' appears. I just delete them when I get them. They tend to come in waves and then go away for a long while. You can report the comment - or you could start using comment moderation which will allow you to see the comment before they are published and delete them. Hope this helps.


Kathi said...

I had the same problem a while ago. I deleted each comment then turned on comment moderation. That seems to take care of it.
Hope you have a beautiful Easter Sunday!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Kerrie, I've had the same thing happen too....I just delete the things and move on ~ I sometimes will put on the word verification for a short time but end up taking it back off because I know it's a pain. When you are signed in and are viewing the comment at the end of the post you can click the little trash can and select delete forever ~ there always has to be someone trying to do something awful doesn't there? Have a wonderful and blessed Easter sweetie!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Beadwright said...

He Kerrie, I have had a few of those as well. I just rejected them and they stopped coming. For me I was getting anonymous comments that were sexual in content and some advertising. I had to block all anonymous comment senders.
Good luck.