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Saturday, April 24, 2010

An Evening Prayer

The Lord is my Night Light....
           ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart
Lord, bless my head down to my feet
As now I lay me down to sleep.
Fill my dreams with spiritual things
And fill my heart with love, that only
                      knowing you, brings~
Because of your saving Grace!

I sometimes forget to call your name
Or reach to touch your mighty hand
But I know, You know my wants and needs
Without my even speaking!

Hold me in the palm of Your hand
Let my sleeping head be cradled there
And when I wake please keep your hand at
   my back
To keep me upright in your path.
Thank you Lord, my "night light."

Amazing Cardinal hatchlings in the nest taken by my sweet Hubby two days ago.
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Doris Sturm said...

Oh, my goodness! I have never seen cardinal hatchlings. I love those birds, we have quite a few here too. Sadly a lot of trees were taken down the other day, so there might have been some nests in there - I'm really upset about that!

Bless you and your husband,
Doris :-)

Donna said...

Beautiful, Kerrie.


Patricia said...

Thanks for dropping by - the baby birds are wonderful. I enjoy all your nature photos so much. It is still trying to come to terms with Spring here - today it was 40 degrees with some snow flakes !!!