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Friday, June 10, 2011

RX: Camping-take for 2 days

HI all my lovely blog friends!  We finally got away for a couple of days in the little camper that still needs a name-ha!
Getting ready for our journey to NC, we parked the camper in the driveway.  I backed it in-ha!
All set up at KOA in Sunset Beach in NC, so now hubby is chilling out!
The lake is not large but full of fish and hubby wasted no time in throwing in his line.
And the fish were cooperating nicely even if they were not too large..  The RX is working, look at that smile!
This one was pretty good size, they put up a good fight anyhow.
Next morning he was right back over on that lake-ha!
The sunsets were gorgeous as was the weather.  We slept well with windows open and enjoyed the quiet except for large pine cones dropping on the camper every now and then-ha!
The tree canopy overhead was beautiful.
All the trees were telling a story, this one I dubbed, "Octo-root"
And here is a Red Headed Woodpecker Junk Food Junkie!  He is eating a pile of Frito's that someone did not pick up from the tenting area, tsk, tsk!
There were two large clusters of Purple Martin Gourd Houses, one at each end of the lake.  I always love to see these, I think they are so pretty...Purple Martins dine almost entirely on insects and keep the mosquito population down and we see them a lot in all the campgrounds we have visited.
This great old tree was standing there like two long legs and you could see right through it, what fun! 

And we have lived in the South for 22 yrs. now but I still get a thrill out of seeing cotton and Tobacco fields.  There was a tobacco field right next to the campground!
Yes and even wildflowers of orange in many clusters all along the lake bank.

The night before we left, a huge bus camper pulled up next to us and it was pulling an enclosed trailer behind it.  We assumed wrongly that it held motorcycles.  There were 3 men and one cooked 8 breasts of chicken on the grill.  They made toss salad and all came outside to eat.  I thought maybe they were hiding the women inside when I saw all those chicken breasts-LOL!  But no, they ate it all themselves.  Well, mystery solved the next morning as they brought tour bikes out of the trailer, 2 of the men in gear hopped on them and then the bus camper followed them out of the park!!  That is when we noticed a large sign on the back of the trailer that read, "Cycling from Main to Georgia".  All those chicken breasts were to give them protein for muscles while cycling!  So now I am wishing I was more inquisitive as there was definitely a story there--What kind of reporter am I anyway!!  But I only observed from my lawn chair.....
A good time was had by all, The RX for Camping really worked!!

Thanks for coming, come back again soon and do visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound and visit all this week's participants including Me!☺

  My heart to yours...


Ginny said...

What a wonderful picture story! I am so glad you had fun and good weather!! What a cute camper and awning! And that is a really big bed for such a small camper!! I guess it holds more than it looks like! I love the octo root tree, and the tree with two legs!! The red headed woodpecker is spectacular, I've never seen a real one. Love that sunset!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Pleased you were able to get away for a few days. My late husband and I used to have a caravan on a site in Surrey where we would spend much time there........even took the cat as she was diabetic.
Loved your wonderful pics. a good start to my day.


Doris Sturm said...

I'm glad you had an enjoyable couple of days and so glad to see your husband smiling and enjoying his fishing activities.

I always wanted to know what those gourds were all about and now I know. There is one of those too in my neighborhood that I pass every time I walk to the lake. I didn't know it was for the Purple Martins.

That little camper of yours is adorable... Call it the Crow's Nest? ... or the Love Nest because you two seem so much in love always doing everything together. God bless you both!

Donna said...

Kerrie i so love this post!! The photos are so precious. I'm so very happy for you. It looks like hubby is enjoying his vacation.