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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hey Nonny Nah, the Gosling's back!

I was never so happy as to see the 3 goslings all intact after the Turtle Monster adventure of last week!!  This was the first visit since it happened and I was glad to see none of the goslings were limping and none no worse for the wear.  In fact they all had grown a bit since then!!  Here they are.
Note the other 2 adult geese that came with the group but stayed in the background while the family came right up to the window to greet us.

The goslings have grown much and their feathers are getting thicker, their wings longer.

I was so thrilled that the whole family was intact and that none of the babies were limping from the Snapping Turtle attack. 
You all will never know how much blogging helps me.  My hubby is having a very hard time at present with having gone back into chemotherapy for his Multiple Myeloma and is extremely anemic.  In the last few weeks he has had a blood transfusion for 2 pints of blood for the anemia and also an Aranesp injection for the same a week ago.  He is very weak and very depressed.  The blogs are my escape from the stress as his pain is my pain.  He will have a week off next week and we have scheduled a camping trip for Tues. through Thurs. nearby and pray that he will be able to enjoy himself for a couple of days away from all...  Thanks to all of you who follow my blogs and Caring Bridge for updates on Hubby.  You all mean so much to me.

My heart to yours...


Ginny said...

Yes, thanks to you there is one more healthy baby goose!!! Blogging is a wonderful outlet for so many problems, and we can all really benefit so much for each other. God wants us to share each other's burdens and pray for each other. I hope the camping trip works out and the weather is very good. My B.I.L has to have many, many transfusions, but he always snaps back!

Donna said...

Dear Kerrie, I'm so so sorry for all the pain both you and hubby are going through. My prayers will be with you today.

I am happy though about the goslings. So darling!

Praying for you..and sending you hugs.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your dear husband, I hope all will be well.
I loved your blog, the pictures are splendid.
Take care.