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Saturday, June 25, 2011


   HERE WE ARE AGAIN!  IT IS LOVELY PINK SATURDAY HOSTED BY BEVERLY AT .  Be sure to visit her to see the list of participants for today and click on their thumbnails to see their contributions!  Such a fun way to meet new bloggers!
  Today I am featuring my good Friend, RANDA'S PINK DIANTHUS.  Randa is married to my childhood friend David whom I met in kindergarten and went all through school with.  They are the most lovely Christian couple who live near our hometown of Auburn, NY, in a neighboring town.  I am so thankful for such wonderful friends!!  I am also featuring my "Pink Southern Belle".
Aren't these just gorgeous??  Randa says that that they come up a few years in a row before dying out.  These look so healthy and full, I have never, ever seen Dianthus so prolific!  Thank you so much Randa for allowing me to share your beautiful Dianthus!  These beautiful flowers are in the same family as Sweet Williams.

And here is my Pink Southern Belle.  I feature her now and then and she travels around my house where I can enjoy her in different settings.  Right now she is in my bedroom.  She was a gift from my hubby as he bought her for me in an antique shop in Charleston, SC many years ago.  I added the pearls and Crocheted hat.  One little toe of her slipper is peaking out from under the dress and she is holding up her ruffled skirt with her right hand.

She is such a dear little girl with stove pipe ringlets in her hair.  I really love her as you can tell!
Thank you so much for visiting me today and I hope you will come back soon!  And if you are a blogger, do join the group for Pink Saturday Posts and join in the fun!!


Jingle Poetry said...

elegant indeed.

Ginny said...

What a beautiful blog today!! I love your little pink lady, have never really seen anything like her. And the flowers, I didn't know the name of them, I'm hoping to remember it as there are probably some around here. They are gorgeous! Hope you have a great weekend, Kerrie!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

A wonderful, beautiful blog Kerrie. most uplifting.

Have a good week-end.

Marydon said...

G'day sweet Kerrie ~ She is gorgeous! I love her pink gown & ringlets. The flowers are fabulous.

Hugs to Bill & you. We love you both.

Have a lovely PS week ~

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Wow! That is some Dianthus. I too have never seen Dianthus that prolific.

Your figurine is adorable. I can tell that you love her.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Doris Sturm said...

What beautiful flowers - at first glance I thought they were Impatience...I love the color pink in any shade...such a sweet and innocent color.

Wishing you both a great weekend :-)

Needled Mom said...

Both pinks are just wonderful. I don't think I have ever seen such a pretty dianthus.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Kerrie Sweetie...
Oh what a beautiful share today.

I love your friends' dianthus. My gosh does she sing to them, read to them or what? They are so elegant and beautiful. Love the color as well. And I thought mine were doing pretty good. Hu! Not...

Now, I simply adore your little Pink Lady. How thoughtful of Bill to find just the right Southern Belle for his Southern Belle. She is so precious. I love her ringlets hanging down, and the way she has just the edge of her skirt, with one little toe showing. Oh Kerrie she is simply adorable.

I continue to keep you and Bill in my prayers sweetie. I am praying for good news next week. It is always scary when counts are so poor. Give Bill my love, please and scratch Isabella behind the ears for me. I know she misses me.

Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

LV said...

I enjoyed seeing both your totally different southern bells.

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, dear Kerrie.

I love your sweet little pink belle, and I know she must be such a treasure for you.

And, those dianthus are gorgeous!

Painting Tips and Tricks said...

This is great! Elegance could be seen in your little pink lady. Thanks for sharing this!