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Saturday, June 4, 2011


HELLO MY BACKYARD BIRDING FRIENDS!! So happy to see you again!
Yesterday my daughter changed the water in the bird bath as it was very hot and humid and this American Crow seemed to be complaining loudly that the water was very warm and had leaves in it.
So after he complained for a good 5-7 minutes, she cleaned it out and added some nice cool water.  In the next picture, note the squirrel underneath in the background.

Have you ever heard a very large crow complaining?  It is a very raucous, loud noise-ha!
And next came the Blue Jay who took a bath, fluffed himself up so much afterwards that he looked like he was overweight and having a bad hair day!
Too funny!
This was the before picture.
I do so love all my backyard critters and birds!!  Well, maybe not the squirrel so much today as he went over the little fence into my square foot garden, pulled out bean sprouts and left them lying on the ground!!  Not too happy with him today!!  I don't know how to keep him out of there.  He killed one tomato plant by uprooting it.  Next time he rolls those baby brown eyes at me for a peanut, I shall ignore him- LOL!
Don't forget to visit Beverly at Pink Saturday today and my Kerrie's Krafts 3 blog for my how to of my Little Pink Book!  Thanks for coming and do come again soon! Hugs,

My heart to yours...

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Ginny said...

We have plenty of the raucous jays around here, but for some reason I've not been able to get good picture of one yet. I've never seen one that fluffed up. The crow, too funny. I think he is cawing at that frog in the bird bath. In fact, I'm certain they are having a heated argument. Perhaps he doesn't want the frog sharing his bath. Oh, our squirrel has been very bad, too, more to come on a post later!!