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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Almost Adult Canadian Geese....

The Juvenile geese came yesterday with the parents and about 8 other adults!  The juveniles had changed so much in just the few days since their last visit, I could hardly distinguish between them and their parents!!  The have gotten much more of their darker wing and tail feathers and were much larger than before!

These 3 are the babies!

Here is detail of their feathers and colors that have deepened.  The wings are still not extended to their potential full span but my goodness, they have grown!  What a treat to be able to follow this life cycle so closely from our own back yard!

This was our other visitor for the morning, a hornet on the Crown of Thorns bush blossoms!  They seem to be attracted to these blossoms particularly and I have photographed them previously last year.
   I could not capture his yellow bands on his body with my camera but it was a bright yellow.  I have identified him as a Bald-faced Hornet from his markings.  They are native to all land areas from Canada to Mexico except for the deep southwest area of the USA.
   I hope you enjoyed your visit today with our backyard critters and please comment!  We love reading your comments!  Do come back again soon!  Blessings to you!
This is a mother squirrel who has befriended our daughter that currently lives with us.  She works on computer at home in the den that looks out over our backyard and lake.  This little mama climbs the trellis outside the window and stares in at my daughter at the computer until she gives her a peanut. She comes when called and is very dear.
My heart to yours...


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Loved thed pics especially the squirel, there was one in my cheery tree eating a cherry so I video it with the cam corder.
On the Isle of Wight across the River Solent near us a white one was found.
Thanks for sharing.

Ginny said...

I'm assuming you captured baldy with a long zoom lens?? I accidentally took a macro picture of a wasp! Didn't know what it was and Phil was amazed, he said I was lucky not to get stung, but paper wasps are pretty docile. But I learned my lesson!

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, my aren't Hornets dangerous? I think I saw one today on a sunflower - a totally black one and sort of elongated...I love Canada geese. We've got a gooseling on the lake with all the other five ducks. I don't know how she/he got there? It still has his down on and is at the awkward stage - looks like a mini Ostrich to me LOL

Thanks for sharing your photos with us. That squirrel is cute. I'd love to have one that comes when called ;-)

Hope your husband is having a good day and you too.

With love,
Doris and Gizzy :-)

Jennifer said...

Loved your pictures and story today, Kerrie! Reminded me of my grandpa who fed the squirrels. He kept large galvanized trash cans stocked with peanuts and walnuts (yes, walnuts!) as treats for his furry friends. My brother and I were awed by his squirrel taming :)

fairyrocks said...

Hello from where the Geese come from...Love your bird pictures and the bathing Robins on your other blog. Just popping in from the fairy day links.

Claudia said...

I remember driving to work here in NY and stopping traffic so a family of Canadian Geese could cross the road!