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Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Poem for My Brother

This is a poem I wrote for my brother Christmas 1994.  I was recalling our childhood memories.
For my Brother, Merry Christmas 1994
©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

O' Christmas tree, O' Christmas Tree
How lovely are thy branches...
Many a time we pulled the sled
And bought a tree tagged in red
For a price that Mama wouldn't dread.

  And pulling home our prize, we dreamed of
   presents, a big surprise.
  That might lay beneath the branches
   right before our eyes.

The warmth of the little burners
Spread the branches reaching down
As we weighted them with tinsel,
Colored balls and garland.

  After all the ornaments were in place
   and the last icicle was hung,
  We admired our good work and sang
   until the last carol we knew was sung.

Ginger jells and chocolate cake from the bakery shop
Were brought from the Aunts who always stopped.
Ribbon Candy and nuts in the shell
Daddy ringing that tiny bell
As he opened the door and tales of,
"You just missed Santa:, he'd tell!

 Rich or poor, old or young,
 We still sing 'til the last carol is sung
And the Christmas lights will forever be
 In the little house on Logan Street
 Where dreams began and are now complete,
 Merry Christmas to you brother.

My husband had cancer treatment today as usual.  Cancer never takes a holiday.  But we were thankful that the nurses were smiley, efficient and loving.  He gets a lot of attention whenever he has treatment and he is an exceptionally good patient.  For the most part, they all love him as I do!  He takes it all in stride and continues on his now 4 yr. battle with Multiple Myeloma.  I made lunch for him when we returned home and the sun is shining so he could not just go to bed to rest.  He is out there fishing off the bank in the back yard in our little lake.  He doesn't want to miss a day of sunshine, a moment of life. 
Now he will have a break for a week from treatment and we relish those 7 days between.  The side effects from treatment last a few days and we pray he will feel well enough to enjoy tomorrow at our daughter's house for Christmas dinner.  But they take good care of him, too!  Our grandson who will be 13 this month, looks after Papa and makes him take a rest on his bed if Papa needs to and even covers him with a blanket.  That's what love is.  Cancer cannot stop Christmas from coming even as the GRINCH could not!  Love to you all this precious, blessed season!!  Kerrie

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Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Wishing I could wrap you in gentle hugs, my Dear. You sound so brave. How silly are so many things, which bother us/me, compared to your bravery and the bravery of your dear husband.

Wishing you and yours, a very Happy Christmas.

Aunt Amelia

Patricia said...

Dearest Aunt Kerrie,
I loved your poem - a couple times in my life I too have pulled a tree home but it was in a wagon. It always turned out to be the prettiest tree in memory. I want to wish you and Uncle Bill the best Christmas ever and know you are loved so much by me. God Bless.

Jenny said...

Oh my. What a wise woman you are. I'm sorry about your husband. I will put him on my prayer list! And you, too. Devastating to deal with illness like this. I really enjoyed your poem to your brother. Neat blog. I came here from Sherry's blog.