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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Memories of Mom...

   My Mom was a "fancy stitcher" in the shoe factory, Dunn & McCarthy in Auburn, NY for nearly all of her life.  She was featured here in the local Citizen Advertiser Newspaper on the last day of her work.   July, 1989.  She was 78 years old.
   Mom loved her work, she always said it was her salvation.  When she was twelve, she lost her Dad in a train/car accident along with her oldest brother.  She was allowed to go to school until she was 15 years old and then she was taken out to work in the shoe factory to help support her family.  She had wanted to be a teacher.  To some extent this was fulfilled in that she taught young people the skill of stitching on shoes that is now a lost art.  Except for a few short years when she worked at another shoe company, she always worked for Dunn & McCarthy Enna Jettick's Shoe company and retired from there. 
   Mama walked to work every day although it was a good distance from her home.  She supported us when we were little as our Dad was an amputee and was not able to work most of his life.  But they did meet in the shoe factory where my Dad also went to work as a very young man to help out his family.
   My Mom was very highly thought of and respected for her excellent decorative stitches that she sewed on leather and suede. Mom was very crafty and she was always making clothes, toys, etc for us when we were little in addition to her working.  She has taught me all my crafting skills of knitting, crochet, sewing, doll making, ad infinitum!  She was patient and kind and always smiling.  She also did oil paintings and later in life became a China painter doing exquisite work.  I have several small pieces that she painted and treasure them.
   My Mom went to live with the Lord in 2000 at the age of 90 years.  I pictured her in heaven crocheting Angel wings....  Mom loved cats and my niece Jill said she dreamed Grandma was in heaven, and that she had a kitten.  I loved thinking of this.  And also that God had given her an assignment of watching over her boy baby at the time.  So like Mama!  Just a very short time later, I found a Demdaco figure of an Angel holding a cat and I sent it to Jill.  I like to think this all came from the Lord.....
  I have written my autobiography for my children containing the struggles my Mom endured while raising us and dealing with my father's handicap and drinking problem.  She was an absolutely amazing woman and we all loved and miss her dearly.

Auburn, New York
Vintage Post Card

Thank you for letting me share  my little Mama with you.  She was under five feet tall but a giant of a lady to me!

 Thank you for walking down memory lane with me and do come again soon.  I love sharing with you and have made some of the most wonderful friends in Blog World...
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Anonymous said...

A lovely tribute to your Mother Kerrie. I enjoyed the photos you included also. Thank you for sharing your mama and her inspirational story with us.

Gloria said...

Hi Kerrie. I'm in awe of your beautiful mom. She was a shining star and you definitely made her shine even more. I bet she is looking down at you and just smiling and giving you a heart hug. Thanks for sharing your mom with us. She was a hard worker and a loving and caring woman and mother. Take care, have a great weekend.

pattas said...

Thankyou for sharing your Mumma's story with us.. They were hard times for out families and one we should not forget...
Have a blessed weekend :))pat in tas.

Needled Mom said...

She sounds like she was a giant of a woman! I love the story of her and the kitten in heaven.