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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thrashers: Brown Thrasher

BROWN THRASHERs are really quite fascinating!  I have been mistaking the ones in our back yard for Thrush which are in the same family. A Brown Thrasher is thinner than a robin: bright rufous above, heavily striped below.  Note also wing bars, rather curved bill, long tail and yellow eye.Their song resembles the Catbird's song, but more musical and each phrase usually in pairs.  Their range is from S Canada to the Gulf states; east of the Rockies.  (Source: Peterson Field Guides)  Here is the one that visits our suet every day.

The wonderfully bright yellow eye makes them look so smart and aware.  I love the length of their tail feathers and the lovely slight curve at the end of their bill.  They seem to be very combative and chase and posture at one another at the feeder and on the ground.  They are certainly one of God's beautiful creatures though.
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Doris Sturm said...

Thanks, Kerrie, I learned something today. He is indeed a very handsome bird (or she) and the yellow eyes are very striking.

Nice photos. Thank you :-)

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Really wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing.


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh how pretty! I know nothing about birds, so thank you for giving me knowledge. :-)

This bird looks so stream-lined and graceful, just sitting there. Bet it's lovely in flight.

I love to watch Cardinals, both sitting and in flight. They are just sooooooooo pretty to me.... Their movements, sitting and flying.

Valerie said...

Hi Kerrie =),

It's so very nice to meet you! I'm val from Joy in the Rain. You have some very wonderful blogs. I'm a Christian as well. I hope you could tell through my posts. I love birds! The bird in this post made me giggle and smile. I hope you return to Joy in the Rain ( I will be back! God bless, honey. Val xox

Leann said...

Wow, they are so beautiful. And what great photo's Carrie.


Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Hi Kerrie!
Thank you so much for your visit and entering my giveaway!!!
I love your birdie pics! Especially the last one where he is looking at you :-)
I enjoyed your post very much!!
Hugs and smiles,