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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Reluctant Friend

MY daughter and the female swan have come to an understanding.  Slowly day by day, she talks to her and offers her a bit of a snack.  Sometimes the male is there with her and sometimes not.  If the male is there, he watches and guards while she comes up to eat.  Today, Barb was able to actually pet the Swan (not recommended!) and she was so excited.  My camera was not working well but I did manage to zoom in from the den window and capture this bonding.  Remember that Swans are wild and very agressive so don't think you can just walk up to one.  Their jaws are very strong and could really do damage to fingers and legs if they feel threatened.  Barb has always had a way with animals and creatures though and even picks up small green lizards and they will rest on the warmth of her hand.  I tried picking up a little one a few years ago after seeing her do this and he bit me so hard that I was trying to shake him off of my hand and there he was hanging on with his little lizard teeth!  Won't do that again-ha!

All creatures great and small, the good Lord loves them all.

WE are in the process of publishing our own picture book.  you may preview by clicking on the link in the sidebar.  Thanks!
Hugs, Kerrie


Doris Sturm said...

What lovely photos - how grand to have swans in your backyard...I looked at your book's preview. It is beautiful with all those colorful animal photos. Good luck!

Gloria said...

They are so beautiful and in your backyard. How great is that! I'll look at your preview in a few. Just stopped by to say hi and hope you and yours are doing well. Have a great Wednesday.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Really brilliant pictures, We live close by to swans but they don't come that close.


Marydon said...

Kerrie, what GORGEOUS PRECIOUS pictures you have captured. I love these kinds of experiences in life, like my little deer Miss Pearl that was born in our gardens a week ago.

Will pop over to see your book.

I send my greetings to Bill with prayers lifting for him. Happy Father's Day Bill ...

Hugs, sweet friend ~ Marydon