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Sunday, June 6, 2010


WHAT A FUN DAY YESTERDAY!!  It was too hot and humid to work in the yard but the sunshine was so inviting that we decided to look for yard sales and visit a thrift shop as well as a little quilting shop.  We were gone but a couple of hours but had so much fun!  We never think about illness or woes when on one  of our little jaunts and it is so nice to not worry about anything for awhile.
  Hubby got up first, went to a neighborhood garage sale with one of my daughters and came back with a box of Carnival Depression Glass!

Then he surprised me with this lovely still in the box collector's doll by DUCK HOUSE heirloom dolls, "Cadie"!
I have always loved dolls and this one is so sweet with her Teddy Bear, red curly hair and wonderfully detailed porcelain face!  Thank you hubby!

Okay, so now I had the fever and after getting ready, we went out looking for garage sales.  These are the other things I found for only pennies!

I already had flowers from the ones scattered on our table for the Anniversary party in February.  This sweet little ceramic basket was perfect to keep the memory in!
Next, we stopped at a little quilting shop named aptly, Common Threads.  I have passed it many times but never went in before.  There I found these lovely pastel varigated wire ribbons and a fat quarter with nostalgic post cards on it!  These will come in so handy for card making and trading cards!  I cannot wait to create! 

And the fluffy soft blanket in the background, I got a yard sale for my Cat, sweet Isabella for her bed.  So we had a very nice day and now I am anxious to create something new.  I don't know where the time goes, I have good intentions every day but like Scarlet, tend to "think about it tomorrow" ~ ha! 
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My you have some good things there, glad you had a good time.


Doris Sturm said...

That's nice, Kerrie, that you and your husband were able to set your cares aside for a little shopping spree. Nice little treasures you found. I do love that dolly and would be itching to crochet her a dress ;-)

Hope your both feeling well today,
With love,
Doris :-)

Mimi said...

Oh, those carnival glass pieces are gorgeous!

Van said...

The rainbow shine on that glass is breathtaking. Lovely find!

ThriftyAnnabella said...

Your hubby has quite the eye for goodies - the Carnival glass is beautiful!

Kelee said...

Hi Kerrie!

Love the carnival glass. The rainbow in them always makes me happy!

Thank-you for stopping by too!

love, kelee @

Kelee said...

Hi Kerrie!

Love the carnival glass. The rainbow in them always makes me happy!

Thank-you for stopping by too!

love, kelee @

Isaac said...

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