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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What do we watch on TV now??

Another season bites the dust as Derek and Nicole win the trophy for Dancing with the Stars!!  We were happy with the outcome but now wonder what we will watch on TV.  While upset at times with the skimpy outfits the dancers wear, all in all it was good entertainment, colorful and humorous.  There are so little choices on TV any more that I often wonder why we pay for cable at all-ha!  Well I took this picture off the screen last night and then some of Isabella the Ragdoll's reaction:

She passed out when she heard they won as she thought she should have one for doing the Ragdoll Jive!  When she came to, she needed to take to her bed to get over the shock.

Isabella is thinking of starting her own, "Dear Izzy" column with advice for everything under the sun! 
Have a wonderful day and thank you for visiting!


Claudia said...

My favorite shows, Fringe, 24 and Medium are done for the season. In the case of 24, gone forever! I have no idea what I will watch - thank goodness So You Think You Can Dance starts on Thursday.


CollectIn Texas Gal said...

I'm with Izzy...some of the dancers could have used a hairball or two. I do like Derek, but I just didn't watch the Stars much this maybe once! I kinda felt like you after Survivor was over...mmmmm what to watch now? I guess the best answer is...ReRuns!