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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chickadee adventure!


This little guy was fluttering with little short wings against the den window.  I love the way you can see the yellow on his baby beak at the side!  So precious.  His Mama was darting around the roof area keeping an eye on him and I think he was seeing his own reflection, mistaking it for another sibling.
Isn't he just so sweet??  He stayed there for a long time and we did not see exactly when he left but he definitely could fly quite well at this point.

It always makes me want to paint or draw when I see the pictures we take of these beautiful little creatures.
Also, finally captured a shot of the adopted baby goose.  You can see in the picture how much larger the family's goslings are than the adopted one is.  I think it is so neat that the mother accepted him into the family!

Wouldn't it be nice if human families were as accepting?  Also, we have observed that the Canadian Geese Mom and Dad stay together throughout the whole rearing process.  Mallards are devoted until the eggs are hatched and then they hang around with other males and leave the Mama to care for the young and at the mercy of other males approaching her.  When this happens she gets right up on shore and runs!  While fleeing in the water, she is able to dive under and come up many feet away from the pursuer, it is so interesting. 
   Thank you for visiting and come back often.  I know that most of you know Sherry from Country Wings In Pheonix.  Please pray for her as she is in the hospital as of last night.  She had pneumonia but then got worse. Thanks!
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Doris Sturm said...

Lovely photos. I too enjoy observing wildlife.
That is very nice the little goosling was accepted into the family. Where did he come from?