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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blue Jay Dilemma continued

SO HERE WE ARE AGAIN!  The little Blue Jay that fell from the crow's beak, is a little lame but hopping and exercising his wings.  He is able to get around to all of our yard and the neighboring yards to find seeds, bugs and his parents are still tending to him.  His sibling was also around all day yesterday and was flying just enough to explore the bench, the little lily pond, etc. when he FELL IN!

So of course we dried him off and wrapped him in a kitchen towel where he stayed until he was dry.  As you can see, he was quite content.  The parents kept feeding both of their little adventurers and by supper time they were off on their own again!
We just feel so blessed this year with all the wonderful observations we are able to make with the birds and fowl.  Nature is so amazing!
I had trouble posting comments today and now it is working again, I know many others were experiencing this also when I posted to Blog Forum.  Hope this is all corrected by now but if you do not see your comment posted as yet, that is why.  Thanks!
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Doris Sturm said...

That poor little bird sure has his share of hurdles to overcome in such a young life...I hope it will make him stronger (as they saying goes.)

I sure hope you have no stray cats around with him being down on the ground. That is what's worrying me. It would around here since we have so many.

You're such a good caretaker ;-)

Claudia said...

I'm so glad you are around to help these little birdies out!


Micki said...

How nice of you to help the bird! It was nice to see the pics!