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Monday, November 2, 2009


HOME is where the swingset is.
Home is where you rock on the porch.
Home is where you were planted.
Home is where you call when you are far away.
Home is where you fly on a holiday.
Home is what our Military are fighting for!
Home to Christians is Heaven...
Home is where memories are.
Home is where children's giggles are heard...even after they are gone.
Home is where you make cocoa on a    chilly day.

This is a picture of my great Grandfather Phillip O'Hearn.  I also have a pair of his reading glasses that my Dad gave to me that was his.  Funny thing is I can read with them-ha!
What does HOME mean to you?  Please comment, I would love to hear!  For more of my Home is: go to the TWO HAPPY blog at
Hugs! Kerrie


Donna said...

Home is comfort, security, love, family, puppies. Home is happiness. Home is where my heart is.

Great picture of your great Grandfather.

Enjoy your week, Kerrie!

Christine Burgess said...

Lovely blog. Home to me is a place to be yourself, let your hair down, take off your shoes and relax. It means freedom, happiness, safety, and most important-family.

glorv1 said...

That's a great picture of your Grandfather and how lucky you are to have that. I think home to me is comfort, family and basically that old saying holds true for me. Home is where the heart is. Thank you for your post. Have a great week.

Queen B. said...

Home is my family. My children. My husband. My parents. My siblings.
Home is Love.
Home is God.
Home is peace.
I loved your post.

Doris Sturm said...

Home for me is a safe place, a refuge to be myself. A place where I am the boss and my animals are my family (since all my relatives live far away) my home is my little corner of the world where I live with my special memories of my younger life and ponder and pray and feel safe.

Bless you!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hello sweet friend.
You haven't stopped by in a while. I have so missed you. I pray that Bill is doing okay, and that your health is good.

I am meeting myself coming and going. After my three weeks in Oklahoma, I came back to 1 week of training in Utah, and this week I am playing catch up. It has been an emmotional roller coaster.

Bring me up to date sweetie. I am anxious to hear about your shop. Stop by soon. Much love and hugs to you both, Sherry

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

My Husband says to me, "Home is Where 'Your Heart' is"! I say to him, "Ditto Darlin"!

And Home is All the Places you mentioned, too!

Happy Home this Month of Homecomings for Thanksgiving!