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Saturday, February 19, 2011


A beautiful day here in SC today, 72 degrees, sunshine and a balmy breeze!  Can't get any better than that considering it is February and the rest of the country is still having snow, winds and freezing weather for the most part!  So let's take a little walk around the yard and bring some color into your winter life...
The beautiful Camellia Bush is in full bloom now.  It is a winter bloomer here in SC and with the freezing temperatures we had I was afraid the buds had gotten frost-bitten but happily, they just bloomed late!  There is so much detail in the blooms and the leaves are so vividly green in the otherwise brownness of winter.

The lake looking South is still beautiful any time of year with the contrasting brown grass banks and ever greens.
These are blossoms on the Juniper bush by the front step.  They are so delicate and spiderweb like.  After blooming, these will be berries.
This is Silver Moss growing here and there in the yard.  It makes a nice accent among the drabness. This moss grows pretty much everywhere in North America.  It is excellent for use in a terrarium.  
This is Livid Entoloma mushroom growing off of the dead wood of an old tree trunk root.  These are rather large, growing from 2.5 inches to 6" across the dome.
This one is dying and shriveled reminding me of an old straw hat-ha!  Never, ever eat wild mushrooms as you can never positively identify the similar looking poison from the edible ones.  You need an expert to do that.
The Bradford Pear tree is loaded with furry buds that will soon be clusters of snowy white blossoms!  These non-fruit bearing Pear Trees have blossoms before leaves.  These little branches are new and have sprouted since my hubby trimmed the trees last fall.
♫♫Sunshine, on my shoulder makes me happy♫♫  How true, how true!
These are the bright red buds on this Sweetgum tree are just looking as though they are ready to burst, too!  The clump of green is Mistletoe that uses the tree as a host.  Sweetgum trees sap was used in times past for chewing gum and a treatment for skin disorders and dysentery.  It's leaves are pleasantly fragrant when crushed and they are a blaze of red color in the fall.  They are mistaken for Maples until they bear the prickly ball fruit.  Many people use these to make wreaths and decorations.

Thank you so much for coming to visit this lovely, warm February day.  I hope your world was brightened by your visit and I hope you will leave a comment for me : )
Come again soon!

My heart to yours...


Ginny said...

What a beautiful springtime post!! I don't think I've ever seen a camelia! And they bloom in the winter? How backwards! Why do they call this moss silver, it is so green!! I have never seen little branches like that sprouting from the trunk!! So many small wonders you show us. We do have those pear trees,I love them. And I just finishes snapping the sweetgum balls for a post!!!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

A beautiful spring post which reminds us that spring is not far away. the beautiful pics and the excellent reading was most heart warming.


pattas said...

I can smell Spring over here :)) Camelias are beautiful and the colours are gorgeous.
Spring makes one feel alive and vibrant.. Thanks for sharing your beautiful part of our world.. Hugss..

Doris Sturm said...

Hi, Kerrie - hasn't this weather been something else? The rest of the world is freezing and I got my first sunburn today LOL and my first mosquito bite last week....I can't believe Spring's here already. I love Spring, but around here it means that summer isn't far away and I just don't like the muggy, sticky, heat and all that comes with it!

Hope you and your husband are doing well!