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Monday, September 20, 2010

Backyard Wildlife

Finally got the photo stick from hubby's camera and he did get some blurry pictures of the Otters.
Here you can make out their heads above water in the middle and to the right of the picture.  Later, he caught one running back among the trees on the bank.
You can barely see his long pointy tail as he disappears into the brush!
Here are pictures of the turtle hanging out on an old log.

And Last but not least our favorite photo subject, the Squirrel buddy.

I love this picture of the squirrel resting on a branch.  I think he likes all the attention of photographing him.  Ha!
It is a beautiful sunny, windy Monday!  Temps got up to 90 this afternoon but the breeze keeps it comfy.  Hope you are having a good start of the week.
Thanks for dropping by as always and come again soon.


CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Isn't it just the most fun to capture critters on camera? Great shots and the squirrel is a really fun one. It's especially fun when it's right out the back door....I mostly get my dogs and occasionally I get to the squirrel before they chase it off. I'll have to get some of those squirrel shots on CollectInTexas Gal. Come see me Kerrie....Sue

Krista said...

Kerrie you have great backyard wildlife!!! I had a black cat in my backyard the other day but no otters. ;o)

Ginny said...

Tantalizing glimpses of the otters! My fav here is the turtle. He looks like he is trying so hard to sun himself! Wow, you should charge admission to visit your property! People travel long distances to see wildlife like this!

Gloria said...

I think they are all great photos. Just as long as you don't see an alligator in your yard. Yikes! :D Have a great week.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Loved these photo's I love wild life and this is the cream of the crops. Thanks for sharing.


Donna said...

Hi Kerrie,
I always like to stop by to see your wildlife! It must be so entertaining.