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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Faith and Begora!

And a wonderful St. Patrick's Day to ye all!  I am a wearer of the green with an Irish Daddy.  He taught me all the Irish songs and ditties and love for the Irish Music that could never keep my feet from dancing!  I love the Chieftans, Irish recording artists as well as Michael Flatley in Lord of the Dance that I saw live in Myrtle Beach several years ago at the Palace Theatre.  Irish music can be gay and happy or sad and melancholy, indigenous to the breed.  I wished I had asked more questions about the old timers in the family when my Dad was alive.  But they were stern Irish Catholics with some hell raisers thrown in but always a good time at family gatherings with singing and playing the harmonicas and guitar.  Here is a picture of my father's Mother Catherine.  She died before I was born.

And here is a picture of my Irish Grandfather, Phillip, with my Aunt, Sr. Teresina and my Grandmother Catherine again. 
Below is a picture of my Grandfather when he was young.

I wish I had a picture of this grandmother when in her youth but I do not. I love my Irish heritage and wish I knew much more about the family.  If you have not asked more questions about your heritage, do it now while you still have the older members in your life to ask!  The older you grow yourself, the more these things will matter to you and hand them down to your children and grandchildren.  We all need to know where are roots are.  Just like reading the Bible, you need to read the Old Testament to understand the New.  May every Irish Blessing ever wished be sent to you this day and I wish you happiness in all corners of your house forever and a day!


Micki said...

You have a wonderful Irish heritage. You really do need to come and visit here.

Janean said...

happy belated St. Patty's Day, lass! i wished i would have asked many more questions and taken more photos, but you hate to sound like, *i want to get information before you die* so we too have gaps of knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Hi, new to your blog and I love it..

I had a hard time reading the last part of your post as the Irish Blessings covered most of it..

Great heritage information!!!

with love,