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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Here we are with Christmas only weeks away and The Bradford Pear Tree is only now in Brilliant color.  I do love it so!  We have had a couple of good frosts but today it is 54 right now and Sunny, A glorious Sunday!

The inside of the house is decorated and very "Christmassy" I just invented a new word and Christ will be in my Christmas greetings forever!!

 This is our little tiny tree on a bench in the den.  The Vintage Wood Stove electric heater I bought on line from good old Wal-mart, is working wonderfully to heat the den (it was a screened in porch when we moved here 6 yrs. ago) and a delight to see as the flames look so real!
Isabella never leaves the room now because it is cozy.  She snoozes there on the rocker.

Such a lovely time of year, is it not?  We love living here in SC, the weather is so great year round but we still have the change of seasons.  In 23 yrs. this Dec 29th, we have seen snow only 4 times with only twice having it stay on the ground.  Here is a picture of seasons past.

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Ginny said...

Your room looks so cozy and welcoming, And I love the little tree! Gosh, I didn't know the weather stayed so mild there, and it is not that far from us. Can't believe you still have leaves!!

pattas said...

Cosy indeed, and kitty looks quite comfortable in the rocker...
It is a lovely sunny day here in NTas.. with a gentle wind blowing..
They say we are in for more rain.. Well its that funny season so who knows.. :))
Christ is in our Christmas :))

welcome to my world of poetry said...

What a gorgeous tree? loved the colour. also the other photo's were awesome.


Hillcresthome Prims said...

Oh my your home is so cozy and the outside by the water is BEAUTIFUL!

I found that you have a few blogs and I joined this one too.

My husband and kiddo's Will NEVER change we always say Merry Christmas. Christ is in Christmas...Amen!!!!

Merry Christmas new friend,