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Thursday, July 21, 2011


OUR DAUGHTER WAS SO HAPPY TO CATCH THESE PHOTOS OF THE WOOD STORK JUST NOW! Only one came today and did not stay long.  He is so large!
   The Wood Stork is the only North American stork and are common in southern swamps,, marshes and ponds.  The bill is long and thick; adult's dark head is unfeathered.  Immature has a paler head and neck; yellow bill.  Flies with neck and legs extended; often soars.  Wing beats are slow, powerful and audible.  It feeds on fish, reptiles, and amphibians.  Nests in colonies in trees like the Egrets.  Their call is a humming of notes.  They are 35" long and wingspan is 66" wide.

Our excitement never wains when we see these beautiful creatures right in our own back yard!  It is 99 degrees out, the heat index however makes it 107 at present.  Our daughter went out to put cool water in the birdbath and spotted the stork.  We quickly gave her the camera through the window and she snapped quickly as she knew he would not tarry long and I think she did an excellent job!

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Ginny said...

Wow, what a find!!! I have never seen a real stork before. This one reminds me a bit of a buzzard, because of the naked head and the eyes. I would have never known it was a stork!!!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

They are really lovely pictures Kerrie.

Have a good week-end.

Jennifer said...

Wow, Kerrie! I bet it was amazing to see him in person. I love to watch the herons fly over the water with their slow, sweeping wings beats. I wonder if it is similar to the stork???

Marydon said...

Kerrie, sweet friend, Barbara captured this beautifully. What a gorgeous bird.
I know you all get as excited as do I when I see God's beautiful creatures.

Hugs & love to you, Bill & Barbara.
Have a beautiful week ~