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Friday, July 17, 2015


It's PINK SATURDAY with Beverly again!  

Last year I took sailing lessons and just loved it!  My friend John was one of the instructors this year (in photo with student Kait (who is visiting for the summer with Grandma and lives in Alaska)  and I went every day for the last two weeks and watched but also got to sail a couple of times.  
We live in the Beautiful Fingerlakes area of NYS.  Auburn is at the foot of Owasco Lake and just a wonderful area to live in.  Here are the students ranging from 9-15yrs. listening to  instructions before rigging their boats and sailing away.

The sailboats are so beautiful and look like butterflies on the lake.  The kids all love sailing and are so attentive and willing to learn.

The instructors all love working with kids and the fee is very reasonable at $20.00 per week per child which covers the cost of their Pizza Party on the last day and supplies.  The kids actually take a boat out by themselves at the end of the first week!  Some kids come back every year.  They also learn how to tie nautical knots, discipline and teamwork.

I cannot say enough about this wonderful program put on by Owasco Yacht Club.  Thanks to all instructors and their wives who participate in this program and give of their time!


My heart to yours...


LV said...

I would never do that. I have a fear of water. Do not know why. It looks like a lot of fun tho.

Beverly said...

Kerrie, I am so glad you joined us for Pink Saturday. I have had you on my mind, and wondered how you were. My mother has dementia, and we can't leave her alone. Times are kind of tough right now.

Your sailboats immediately caught my eye. I used to love sailing when I lived in Charleston. Your post is being featured on my Pink Saturday this weekend as "the one that caught my eye". Thank you for sharing.♥

magnoliasntea said...

Hi Kerrie!
What a fun pastime, and I love those colorful sails! The program sounds really wonderful and such a great value for the money. (Hard to believe the lessons are so cheap.)
Thank you for stopping by my site. My world has been upside-down lately, but I hope to eventually get around to all the blogs in my reader. :)
Have a great week!

Sara Chapman said...

A neat post. Wish I lived closer! Love your comments about the boats looking like butterflies.

Unknown said...

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