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Sunday, March 16, 2014


The days are going so fast!   My calendar is getting fuller all the time!  We continue to have snow and I decided to enjoy it thoroughly!  If you cannot beat it, join it!
 This is my Victorian Santa that I made last week and he melted away when we had a nice sunny day.  Next is my Snow Bunny that I made this last week so the school bus children could see it when they passed the house.  It melted even faster on a day we had a windy mild day! :(
 But I had lots of making them and neighbors were tickled to see them, too-ha!  Oh wait, maybe they think I am a crazy old lady!  ha!
I have been painting my living room over ugly old paneling and it is coming out nice!  Cheerful!  While on the ladder and painting over a window, this was my view of snow on the Spirea Bush, so beautiful and my original hand made silhouettes were great against this snowy background! 

These sparrows and wrens are waiting for the feeder to be filled, which I did promptly after taking their photo through the dining room window-ha!  All lined up like that reminded me of the commercial on TV where the man is looking at birds on electric lines that look like a music staff and he writes a melody from it...

These are sitting in the branches of a cluster of trees in the yard.  There are Rose of Sharon, Maple and some kind of fruit tree that has beautiful flower clusters and then small grape like berries.  I am not sure if someone originally planted them together on purpose or nature did it but after buying the house last summer, I trimmed it up and decided to keep it.  
It really is pretty when the leaves and blossoms are on it.  It was so overgrown that it was over the walk and from the street, you could not see the right side of the house.

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Needled Mom said...

I LOVE how you make use of all that snow. It beats just watching it.

Spring must be almost here for those sweet birds.

Claudia said...

Love your amazing creations, Kerrie!