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Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hmmm!  I wonder what is down here under this pipe?
 I just can't seem to see what it is.  I think this is where the Raccoons were last night....

Awww  shucks, it was nothin'!  Guess I will go hunt for mice!

This is one of the stray/wild cats that we have been observing for a couple of years now.  The mother hangs out on the opposite bank of our little lake/pond and she gave birth to 2 beautiful kitten last spring that look just like her!!  So now there are 3 of them and we cannot tell one from the other.  Sometimes the two that we think are last years babes, are over there playing on the bank, running and chasing one another and climbing the trees.  Their favorite place to sit in the sun is on the house there on top of a small A/C unit on their Florida room side.  It is so much fun watching their antics and despite having no home they certainly look healthy.  Live and let live.  BUT, if you have a pet, please have it spayed or neutered so that unwanted animals will not be roaming like these are.  I am thinking someone moved and left the Mother cat behind and she became wild.  And if you are bird lovers like we are, you do not want stray/wild cats hunting your birds!  We only saw one of them once on our side of the lake and we chase it away pronto.  They even stalk the Mallards and geese but thankfully are not able to get them in the water.
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welcome to my world of poetry said...

A lovely post Kerrie. and as always the pictures are awesome.


Ginny said...

I love those reflections in the water of the cat!!! We have many cats who roam our yard on their daily patrol, thankfully my new bird feeders are way up high. My granddaughter's cat had to be put to sleep yesterday, it was awful. She spent the rest of the day with us. I will probably post it tonight.

pattas said...

What a great painting that would make..
Or pic for the wall.. so beautiful..
Have a great weekend Kerrie :))

Doris Sturm said...

What a pretty duck - why is she doing that stuff with her feathers? I've never seen that before on the ducks by our lake...we have a very bossy mallard and I would not mind having him in my frying pan...not because I love to eat duck, but because it would give me incredible satisfaction LOL (yes, I'm so mean!) ha, ha, your duck all alone? Are there no other ducks around? That is very sad! Do you feed her?

Lovely photos and I still feed the strays, but not as much as during the winter when it's bitter cold...besides, they can't depend on me for every single meal for when I'm not around anymore...

Donna said...

Cute post Kerrie. I love the cat hunting. Sadly our cat just ate the anole that I got such sweet photos of this week.

Leann said...

Love the story with the photos:)

We have strays running around our neighborhood 3 became too many to count! Our one neighbor feeds them, but can't get anywhere close to them.

Loved your video!