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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Where does the Time Go?

 Hello! It has been such a long time... I was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer in July of 1918 and have had 44 treatments over the past 2 1/2 yrs.  I I decided last month I had enough and stopped treatment.  The side effects are going away.  I feel great, never looked sick from the start.  I decided to let God and nature take it's course.  I am at peace.

Deer at the O'Brien Farm 2 years ago

My friend, Sonja O'Brien has died and I miss her so much.  Her son and his lovely wife invited my friend John and I to come out couple of weeks ago and we had coffee and home-baked goodies.  It was so good to see them again. They are precious to me.  We reminisced and laughed and had a great visit.

I am crafting all of time with the Virus going on and it saves me as I only go out for groceries and get lonely.  I read a lot and I birdwatch. I have a wonderful view from my living room of a country setting with wildlife and a Brook running through.  I try to enjoy every minute.

A very young Bill and me in the '70's.  Bill passed in 1912,just before our 52nd Anniversary. In 2013 I moved back to my hometown in Auburn, NY.

I made gifts for all of my family and children last Christmas and it was so much Fun!  I have 2 great grandchildren now.  They are wonderful.

I had not posted in so long, I wondered if I would remember how to do it.  Please leave a comment if you remember me  and wishing a Very Blessed Thanksgiving to you all despite all the crazy things going on in the world.  Kerrie

Monday, February 19, 2018

Moody Monday

Good Monday Morning....
 Dear little Lilly in her favorite place...  She had a booster shot at the vet this morning and they always marvel at how well she behaves.  She is the best little companion ever!

Since I last wrote:  I moved last August to an older home and am having fun settling in and planning what rooms to paint; contemplating a sewing room for the 3rd bdrm; had surgery on my right shoulder for torn rotator cuff and could not drive with a sling on for 3 mos.  My life is never dull, that's for sure-ha!
Now able, I have been crocheting and finished a new afghan and made ski hats for everyone-ha!

This is such an easy crochet patter and I added the flowers for contrast.  And my crocheted dish cloths are always good therapy for my arthritis.  I have a good many and give them as gifts whenever applicable.  I crochet baby blankets to have on hand, also and always have a baby to snuggle them somewhere in the family and friends-ha!  I have started a new Bible Study on Wednesdays and am enjoying that as well as Teacher Subbing whenever BOCES calls.  It gives me just enough pocket money to pay for yarn and crafts.

And in my spare time, I am making the house feel like mine with little projects such as removing the doors from an upstairs linen cupboard to use as a bookcase and display shelves.  All the towels, etc. fit nicely in the 3 bottom drawers.
    The older I grow, the faster the days, weeks and months go, also.  It is always Friday and Sunday before I know it!

I look forward to blogging again and working on crafts and, and........ahaha!  Not enough days to complete all of my projects before I leave earth!

Thank you for visiting and do come again.  Leave a comment as I treasure them so much.

My heart to yours... 

Monday, January 9, 2017


Goodness, it took a long time to start but now the winter is in full swing and I am freezing-ha!  We had a wonderful Fall though and I am not complaining.  I really don't mind the snow, it is the low temps that bother my old bones.

 I am always thrilled when I can catch the birds in action!  These sparrows were getting out of Mr. Bluejay's way so he could eat sunflower seeds.
Remnants of my Christmas Deco on the window of the dining room and the snowy day beyond. 
And another good snap of the sparrows coming in for a landing on the feeder. 9 in this photo and a dozen more in the bush waiting their turn.  I love them all.

I hope you are warm and cozy wherever you are.  My little Lilly prefers to stay by her electric fireplace.

She loves the heat on her little self and will pretty much stay there all day between eating and going outside to potty. 

Thank you so much for visiting and if you have the time, please visit my other blogs listed in the sidebar.

My heart to yours,

Saturday, July 30, 2016


At last, my new porch!  It is wonderful to have a porch instead of just steps.  Makes it so much easier to bring groceries into the house and now I have a cozy place to sit for morning coffee or evening relaxation!

This summer is going so fast just like all of my other seasons, goodness!

John and I have a little shared garden between our houses so that we could share fresh greens.  We started it late so it is coming along slowly but there is leaf lettuce, onions, kale, and even carrots!

 John is watering a lot as in other places, here in central NY, we have not had a lot of rain at all this summer.  First time I have seen the lawns here all brown.... :(

The Lemon Lilies have survived though and I just love all of my flowers!
 These pink beauties are so tall this year that they cover my watering pot! 

Don't forget to hop over to Beverly's at 
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 My tricycle planter is doing great with Marigold I started from last years seeds and Geranium house plant.

These are wild Sweet Peas that grow along the fence, love them!

 John and I share custody of my cat, Buddy.  Buddy spends the day at my house and the nights at John's, ha!  He likes to sleep on my back patio in the chair and is with me whenever I work in the gardens.

 I love nature's paintbrush and here is one of the loveliest water colored leaves.  I never get tired of seeing them....

  Tiger Lilies are one of my favorite and was also my Dad's.  Every Spring when these came out along the roadsides, I would bring him some and he would draw them.

 More Marigolds in the back yard.

 My aging birdhouse that I brought with me from SC.  I used soda can metal to replace the roof and the squirrel keeps knocking it down from the fence so it is pretty fragile now, but I cannot throw it away.  It housed many a Bluebird in SC....Good memories.

 My back privacy fence with Hosta plants from great friends David and Randa from Baldwinsville when I moved here, a vintage hand plow from my cousin Kathie Meyer Collier, and my little wrought Iron plant chair.  I love my backyard haven.....

 My little meditation corner for reading and contemplating  life in general.                              
It is the 3rd wonderful summer I have spent since coming back to my home town and I am so happy here.  August 5th is my Anniversary date of living in my new home.  God has blessed me no end.  Thank you for visiting and come back again soon. 

 PLEASE Leave a comment as I treasure them.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Good morning!  So sorry I have not been posting.  Time got away from me after a busy summer and some illnesses here and there.  I have missed you all and will be doing a lot of visiting your blogs and catching up as I moved the frig and gave myself a hernia.  My clue to slowing down and that I am no longer 19~ha!

I have been gardening, walking a lot,and still singing with the praise team at church.  I stopped playing my guitar though as I have arthritis in my hands and cannot make those chord changes at a rapid rate.  After 3 yrs, We have grown from just Pastor, his daughter and myself, to a team of 7!  So much fun to sing out to the Lord! 

Made a little pad for my bench with watermelon print that I have had for years!

I hope you are all doing well and I intend to get back into posting on my blogs at least once a week.  Thanks to all my faithful followers on all 5 of my blogs, you are great!

Please leave a comment, you will make my day!  Thank you for visiting.

 Kerrie ♫

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First day of School-Wow!

And the fun begins!!  I heard the sound of silence this morning~except for the wheels of the School Buses going by-LOL!  My neighbor texted to me "hurry, look out of the window, there are little people on the corner!"  Love seeing their little feet as they board the School bus.

Pooky's Grandma is always up for anything just like my Grandma Rachael, my Mom Carrie and myself~Kerrie.  She is a combo of all of these people....

I do not know where August went at all, it just flew in and out like a hummingbird!  It was another great summer in Auburn NY and Owasco Lake though.  My John taught sailing lessons this year and though I was not a student as I was last year, it was still great to see the youngsters so enthusiastic about learning from little ones up to teenagers.

My girlfriend Nellie has a small apple orchard in her backyard in the country and she gave me Apples for pies, eating and sauce.  There is nothing like fresh fruit with no insecticides!  And I took several photos with the leaves still on the fruit so I can draw or paint them later.

I love the rich colors of the apples.  A pie is in the offing-ha!  She also gave me some small apples and a couple of pears-I am in fruit heaven-ha!

Fall is my favorite time of year.  Others get Spring Fever but I get Fall Fever when the mornings start to get crisper in temperature and the fresh air smells heavenly.  Warm Indian Summer type days with lots of sunshine....what's not to like??

So while I am picking some green tomatoes to ripen on my window sill, I picked up the first very colorful leaf from the back lawn.  A sure sign that it is Fall, Y'all!  

Wonderful Sunflowers much taller than my car and even with me when I look out of my dining room window.  This one plant must have had at least a dozen blossoms so far-Joy de vi!

New beginnings:  I have been accepted for a p/t job and I cannot wait to start!  I can walk to the location if I want!  My granddaughter is getting married the 19th of this month and John is going to SC with me for that.  So exciting!  Trying to lose a few pounds before then but John and I are addicted to ice cream!  He buys it and leaves it at MY HOUSE so he is not tempted.  Works for him but not for me-LOL!   My closest cousin became a born again Christian at the beginning of August and I could not be more delighted.  God has been so busy in all of our lives!  We are so blessed.

Some sadness as a niece was hit with a sudden illness in the spring and is unable to move in the prime of her life.  There is no true diagnosis as yet either so we all continue to pray.  And my oldest friend from Kindergarten lost her son just a few days ago in his midlife from cancer.  There is no pain like the loss of a child.....

I am still singing and playing guitar with the praise group at church but have added my violin to the mix for the first time this last Sunday and enjoyed ad lib with the organist for the final hymn.  Took me back to my youth when I made that violin sing at times!  Our group has grown from 3 to 5 and now as many as 9 on various instruments and voices. God is really blessing our United Church of Auburn, NY.  There are more children all the time filling 2 pews sometimes and their enthusiasm and participation is so refreshing!  

My wild and happy heart to yours....

Come back soon and leave a comment, easy to do and I treasure them. :)

Friday, July 17, 2015


It's PINK SATURDAY with Beverly again!  

Last year I took sailing lessons and just loved it!  My friend John was one of the instructors this year (in photo with student Kait (who is visiting for the summer with Grandma and lives in Alaska)  and I went every day for the last two weeks and watched but also got to sail a couple of times.  
We live in the Beautiful Fingerlakes area of NYS.  Auburn is at the foot of Owasco Lake and just a wonderful area to live in.  Here are the students ranging from 9-15yrs. listening to  instructions before rigging their boats and sailing away.

The sailboats are so beautiful and look like butterflies on the lake.  The kids all love sailing and are so attentive and willing to learn.

The instructors all love working with kids and the fee is very reasonable at $20.00 per week per child which covers the cost of their Pizza Party on the last day and supplies.  The kids actually take a boat out by themselves at the end of the first week!  Some kids come back every year.  They also learn how to tie nautical knots, discipline and teamwork.

I cannot say enough about this wonderful program put on by Owasco Yacht Club.  Thanks to all instructors and their wives who participate in this program and give of their time!


My heart to yours...